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I loved Bobobo, I remember when I was young I went to a Half-Priced Books store and I saw a cart full of unsold Shonen Jump. Now I was not "into" anime and manga but I had enough I respected (I kind of lost interest when my last favorite anime show on CN do dropped, dot.hack// legend of the twilight) but they were selling for 5 bucks so I was like what the hell. Pulled out my 10 year old wallet and bought it (I picked a random one). I must have reread that magazine 1000 times, especially the Bobobo chapters it was just so out there it made me laugh maniacally. So I kind of give my reinterest in manga and anime to Bobobo because after that I started reading online.

The show its self is stupid, but its supposed to be like that. Its hilarious because of it.
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