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New card: Child-Eating Boogeyman


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It's been well over a year since I last posted or have made any cards, so the OCG is probably a bit wrong even though I read the OCG thread like fifty times... since even in my older cards people complained that I used old OCG, which probably is now old old OCG, so... :rolleyes: Anyway, here it is:
In case you can't read the text:

[quote]When this card is Summoned, draw 5 cards. If any of them is Fiend-Type, inflict any value 1000-5000 on your opponent. The remaining life points of your opponent will become this card's ATK until you Summon a new Fiend-Type monster.
As long as this card is on your field, you can put all Fiend-Type cards you control in the bottom of your Deck instead of Graveyard. If you do, decrease this card's ATK with 1000.
If this card's ATK is 0, put all Fiend-Type monsters in your hand to your Graveyard.[/quote]

Comments? How can I make better cards in the future? etc. :)

[size=10]Oh and in case you're wondering, I made the image I used for it myself.[/size]

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