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Hello everyone (probably pretty generic title)

Ahura Mazda

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Hey everyone. I guess I should talk about me here, right? Okay, ahm... I am a 14 years old boy (15 this sunday) that loves sports. I play basketball and soccer, swimming, and once and I even played tennis. I don't really know much about the TCG, but I watched the anime untill the GX, because I didn't like the idea of playing YGO in a motorcycle, seems stupid to me, so probably my cards will be horrible.

I usually make fun of everything and bad jokes all the time, which is probably why I can't get a girlfriend LOOOOL. And also I'm very shy with strangers.


I guess that's all ... see you around (:




PS : I wanna know how to have an avatar, can someone help please?

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cool you sound like a non-troll so that means you have to watch out for the is-troll

they aim for the good boys/girls

anyways cards arnt the only thing this forum is about, but when you do post cards or anything else it would be wise to read the rules

to change your avatar just go to your account/profile settings and edit the avatar picture, probably a tab on the left side.


welcome to the forum and have fun

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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