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Numbered Days [PKM] (OoC, PG-16, Accepting, Not Started)


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“People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. Frankly, time is weird.”



Time is a concept us humans try to understand, and for the most part we think we’ve got it down.


It’s linear.


That’s about it.


That’s also all that time has to do with this role play.




You are either a researcher studying ancient life in an ancient desert village, or a mercenary hired to protect them from the bandits that the surrounding villages depend on so dearly. As a researcher, you’ve come across hardly anything important in this remote village ruin, and so you are a little disheartened by failure. As a mercenary, you’ve hardly had much action and your extra pay came from battles with bandits, frankly you’re a bit pissed off at all this.


Yet, at the end of the last day, one of the researcher’s Pokemon discovered an odd plate buried beneath a ruined wall. Everyone was excited by an actual discovery and could finally end the day on a happy note, they actually finished on time. The Merc leader meanwhile, comments bitterly on how he’s tired of doing bugger all for little pay. Whilst those researchers celebrate their find, he plots to “liberate” the plate and sell it for an extra buck or two.


Whilst the mercenaries mope about, the head researcher tells you that the trip was well worth it, and that the plate will be interesting to study, especially the unique glyphs situated on it. These glyphs are not of Pokemon, ancient Human or Unown origin. You and your companions go and rest up; tomorrow you will be packing and leaving. In the middle of the night however, you are awaken by the sounds of Pokemon fighting.


Racing out of your tents, you find that Head Researcher and the Merc Leader are squaring off, the plate sticking out of the sand. In a fatal clash of Pokemon, the plate is hit by a deflected attack. The glyphs ignite as energy is released from the plate, drawing everyone, be they researcher or mercenary, into its center. By now, this proves that s*** has officially gotten real.




1. Follow all the rules of the RP Section.

2. We have final say on everything.

3. You can have up to six Pokemon, but they must be an equal balance of levels, you cannot have six third stage Pokemon, but it is possible to have six second stage Pokemon. Considering you aren’t little kids, you’re adults/young adults, we expect your Pokemon to be fully evolved or semi-evolved. Especially the Mercenaries.

4. You will be expected to post regularly in this RP.

5. To prove you read these rules, put either ‘wibbly’ or ‘wobbly’ at the end of your bio.

6. The combined levels of your pokemon must be 250. Mercenaries can go a little higher, but I'll be the judge of that.




[b]Age:[/b] (20+ Anything younger than that is a no-go, unless you have a good reason)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Pictures are acceptable. Please post the html though.)
[b]Personality:[/b] (Much more important than bio, at least a paragraph or two.)
[b]Bio:[/b] (Nothing long necessary, since it will become null eventually.)
[b]Position:[/b] (Researcher or Merc, then state the position in that group.)
(Cut’n’Past the app for each pokemon; we recommend having a full party. Four Pokemon is a fine threshold.)
[b]Species Name:[/b]
[b]Nature:[/b] (Use an actual Pokemon Nature)
[b]Quirks:[/b] (What your Pokemon does, a pseudo-personality)
[b]Level:[/b] (Important. To stay realistic, your Pokemon will know all moves from it’s level and lower. Ex: I have a level 56 Krookodile, it knows Earthquake and the moves that come before it, but not Outrage.)
[b]Special Moves:[/b] (These are either TM'd or tutored moves. We'll allow a max of 4.)[/spoiler]




1. BrokenHeart15 [Head Researcher/Head Medical Officer] (Loretta Van'dam)







1. Rarity [Leader] (Jonathan Swain)

2. ElectricKirby [First Officer] (Allina Medley)





[spoiler=Out Applications]


Username: Rarity

Name: Jonathan “Swain” (last name is unrevealed, a mercenary IS a mercenary.)

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Appearance: Average height for a man his age, with messy brown hair that is often shadowed by his short-rimmed hat. He often wears a worn black coat with long beige cargo pants and a dark brown shirt with a bullet proof vest under it. A curled up rope hangs around his waist, along with a flash light and his Pokeballs.

Personality: Jonathan is a strange mercenary. For one, he doesn’t actually care about his job. For the most part it’s actually merely a facade for his real occupation, which is a thief and a treasure hunter. Because of this his own team often doubts his leadership skills.


In fact, some of them hardly trust him in the first place. The only reason some are still with him is because he can get the job done, and he always splits his treasures with the crew.

Bio: Jonathan often calls himself a ‘world class thief’, and for the most part he is correct. He grew up in a poor family and often resorted to stealing from others, as would make sense. Thus he grew up as a thief, and still to this day is one.

Position: Lead Mercenary



Species Name: Krookodile

Nickname: Black Glare

Nature: Rash

Quirks: Similar to his trainer, Black Glare is extremely unreliable and greedy. Often clashes with Arthur.

Level: 56

Special Moves: Hyper Beam, Stone Edge, Bulldoze


Species Name: Typhlosion

Nickname: Quad

Nature: Lonely

Quirks: Quad is easily the smartest of the group, and also the least active, preferring not to be around others.

Level: 57

Special Moves: Aerial Ace, Focus Blast, Will-o-Wisp


Species Name: Noctowl

Nickname: Nocturne

Nature: Timid

Quirks: A very quiet Pokemon, doesn’t do much but follows Jonathan’s orders.

Level: 52

Special Moves: Shadow Ball, Defog, Sky Attack


Species Name: Scolipede

Nickname: Dios

Nature: Adamant

Quirks: Dios doesn’t enjoy following orders, and rather do his own thing. When times get serious however, he will give in.

Level: 51

Special Moves: Swords Dance, Giga Impact


Species Name: Carracosta

Nickname: Tort

Nature: Calm

Quirks: Similar to Noctowl, Tort listens to everything Jonathan has to say, and never disobeys.

Level: 52

Special Moves: Scald, Rock Polish


Species Name: Houndoom

Nickname: Coma

Nature: Modest

Quirks: A very loyal Pokemon, is one of the stronger team members yet refuses to believe he is.

Level: 52

Special Moves: Sludge Bomb, Snarl








Username: BrokenHeart15

Name: Loretta Van’dam

Age: 37

Gender: Female

Appearance: Appearance

Personality: Being a sexy science lady, she unintenionally comes over as flirtitious, and sometimes the wrong images are given when she speaks of the thrills involved in excavation and finding ancient artifacts. Her knowledge extends to only what she knows currently, and enjoys telling people ‘every last detail’ she can supply about it. If you want to talk to her, you’d best have at least three hours free.


She is extremelly passionate when it comes to her job, and the people around her certainly know that. She once slept with an ancient idol for safekeeping. She tries not letting her inexperience as a Research Leader get’s to her, instead Loretta decided to make it another learning experience.

Bio: Loretta spent much of her teenage years studying ancient ruins. Her first real trip was to the Ruins of Alph, where she pointed out how the Unown language wasn’t really that hard, considering that they’re the exact same as the alphabet. In digression, she’s spent much of her life exploring, until she finally became the leader of her own research/exploration team. This is in fact her first dig as a Research Leader.

Position: Research Group - Head Researcher/Head Medical Officer



Species Name: Blissey

Nickname: Joyce

Gender: Female

Nature: Bold

Quirks: Like any Blissey, she is a vastly kind and caring Pokemon, but will never be afraid to get hands dirty.

Level: 100

Special Moves: Metronome, Seismic Toss, Ice Beam


Species Name: Excadrill

Nickname: Arthur

Gender: Male

Nature: Adamant

Quirks: He can be a bit huffy at times when his work isn’t appreciated. He stands up for the other pokemon and is at ends with Krookodile.

Level: 50

Special Moves: Brick Break, Strength, X-Scissor, Rock Smash


Species Name: Sableye

Nickname: Taric

Gender: Male

Nature: Hasty

Quirks: Taric is an exceptionally greedy Pokemon always wanting to keep items he finds for himself. However, his loyalty always wins in the end.

Level: 50

Special Moves: Shadow Ball


Species Name: Miltank

Nickname: Nursey

Gender: Female

Nature: Adamant

Quirks: Nursey is osmewhat lazy, she just wants to sit around and eat freeze-dried grass that had been prepared for her. She doesn’t hesitate to give a nogoodnik a bop though.

Level: 50

Special Moves: Iron Head, Hammer Arm







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Reserve mercenary. Also, if a Pokemon can only learn Fly via HM, would it be under Special Moves, or would you consider it "pre-installed," as it can already fly naturally?


It depends on the context of the move, Fly is obviously standard for flying types, while something like dig would be a standard for ground types, so on so forth. So in short, it is 'pre-installed'.

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A Pokémon Rp that doesn't have a League in it? Finally.


[spoiler=My app]Username: Magnet Soldier

Name: Simon Grayson.

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: http://media.otakuzone.com/store/user/173543/T12990715688876e21e964b57909f3a1cbd660e0af035.jpg

Personality: Simon is a friendly and kind person, and is generally very popular. He is quiet and polite, and rarely talks badly about anyone. He will respect anyone's decisions, even if he disagrees with them, and will politely state his opinion on the matter. He cares greatly for his friends and pokémon, and will defend them without regard for his own safety. However, there is one way to divert his attention. He has a major fascination with rocks, fossils and anything that has been buried for more than a decade. He is a major fan of Rock Type Pokémon, and beside from his oldest Partner, his Blastoise Searge, all his Pokémon are of the Rock Type. He absolutely loves Fossils and ancient Items, and was incredibly proud when his Golem stumbled across the Plate. However, his is a bit annoyed that although he found it, he is not allowed to look at it and attempt to uncover it's meaning.

He is also easily scared and surprised, aswell as amused.

Bio: Simon was born in Pewter City, and lived their for the first 7 years of his life. During that time, he practically lived in the Museam, spending all of his free time in there staring at the fossils and exhibits. He had been in love with Fossils and the earth for most of his life already, and had spent any break time's in Nursery in the Sand pit, building massive, intricate Sand Castles. He also loved anything to do with the earth, such as Rock and Ground Pokémon, and his dream was to have a resurected Pokémon.

When he was told he was moving, he was heart-broken, and refused to leave the Museum, insisting that he'd stay there forever. Originally, his parents had planned on moving to Fortree City. However, seeing their sons love with the earth, they decided that would be cruel. They changed their plans, and told their son they would move to Orebourgh city. Finally figuring out what their son wanted, he agreed to go, and spent the rest of his childhood in the Centre of Fossil Research in the world.

He still spent most of his days in the Museum, and so was soon hired as an Apprentice at the Museum - at the age of 11 to be precise - and was taught the basics of Archeology and Excavation, even being taken down the Mine at one point. He enjoyed it so much, that he forgot about the fact he was supposed to choose a first pokémon at his age, and only just realised at the age of 13, choosing a Squirtle as his first Pokémon. Now protected from wild Pokémon, he was allowed down the Mine alone, and was given a Pokéball from his dad, and was told to catch whatever Pokémon he wanted down there. He didn't pluck up the courage at first, and it was a year before he finally caught his second Pokémon, a Geodude. For three years nothing much happened, except for the fact at age 16 he was hired full time by the Museum. At 17 he was sent away on his first excavation dig, where his new Onix discovered a rare Fossil while Burrowing in the ground. The new Discovery was originally kept from him, but when they finally discovered what it was, it was given to Simon....in the form of a Newly revived Aerodactyl. Now with his dream come true, he was much more enthusiastic in his work, and by the time he was 21 he had discovered multiple Fossils and ancient Treasures.

Recently, with enough Pokémon to defend him from trouble, as well as having one of them evolved to the full form(Searge), he was hired by the Team to research the ruins, and has been very enthusiastic at the opportunity. He was the one person in the team who hadn't been put down by the lack of Discovery, and was incredibly proud when Breaker found the Plate, but is very put down by the fact he wasn't allowed to touch it after that, and had to 'leave it to the Proffesionals'. Look where that got him.

Position: The teams Archeologist Archeologist/ A Young but Experienced Researcher.



[spoiler=Pokémon 1]Species Name: Golem

Nickname: Breaker

Nature: Hasty

Quirks: (What your Pokemon does, a pseudo-personality)

Level: 50

Special Moves: Dig


[spoiler=Pokémon 2]Species Name: Onix

Nickname: Digger

Nature: Hardy

Quirks: (What your Pokemon does, a pseudo-personality)

Level: 50

Special Moves: Stone Edge


[spoiler=Pokémon 3]Species Name: Rhydon.

Nickname: Rocky

Nature: Brave

Quirks: (What your Pokemon does, a pseudo-personality)

Level: 50

Special Moves: Surf(Because it wouldn't know it Naturally).


[spoiler=Pokémon 4]Species Name: AeroDactyl(He's an Archeologist, so he can have a Revived Pokémon right?)

Nickname: Sky Rider

Nature: Gentle


Level: 50

Special Moves: Hyper Beam


[spoiler=Pokémon 5]Species Name: Blastoise

Nickname: Searge

Nature: Serious

Quirks: (What your Pokemon does, a pseudo-personality)

Level: 50

Special Moves: Rain Dance




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Username: Pichu

Name: Janie Iwata

Age: 20

Gender: Female



Personality: Janie is one of those bad ass chicks who doesn't give a f*** about anything but herself. She tends to flirt a lot with the guys even though she has a boyfriend back in the Orre Region. She walks around with her iPhone loaded with song 'that only an emo would like.' She also is a fighter who seems to get into a lot of fights with her co-workers.

Bio: Janie was born in the Agate Village in the Orre Region. Her parents were killed due to a Chiper attack. She lived with her grandparents, Eucan and Beleh, til she was 14. When she was 14, she left to travel Orre. Soon after that her uncle got her a job as a researcher. She hates it. But it won't last for long......

Position: Third in charge-Researcher



Species Name: Stoutland

Nickname: Stoutland

Nature: Jolly

Quirks: Stoutland tends to venture off and explore places without Janie knowing.

Level: 63

Special Moves: Retaliate


Species Name: Raichu

Nickname: Raichu

Nature: Hardy

Quirks: Raichu tends to stay quiet and doesn't like other humans except for Janie.

Level: 57

Special Moves: Volt Tackle


Species Name: Krookodile

Nickname: Sandy

Nature: Lax

Quirks: Krookodile was traded to Janie for her former Pokemon, Ambipom. He doesn't listen to Janie sometimes and often falls asleep in battle.

Level: 57

Special Moves: N/A


Species Name: Spinda

Nickname: Dizz

Nature: Quirky

Quirks: Spinda is one of Janie's Pokemon who isn't used often. She has a skull shape on her back and her head is blank.

Level: 56

Special Moves: N/A


Species Name: Absol

Nickname: James

Nature: Adamant

Quirks: James also tends to venture away from Janie. But he brings items back.

Level: 59

Special Moves: Charge Beam



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awesome, otherwise the parent/guardian/relative could be an NPC that dies somehow from being sucked into that thing (unless this messes with something) or somehow didn't get sucked in? Of course, having another played character be the parent/guardian/relative would be the most preferred scenario :3


Having only first stage pokémon and perhaps even less than 4 is no problem for me, I usually like first stages more ^^

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@Pichu: I'm not accepting or declining, Broken is technically the head researcher, so it's his call.


@MR: We can't have any reason for the parent to be killed/dissapeared/other s*** by the vortex, so the latter would be the most preferred way.

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Yeah I guess that would be the best plan in that case. Also, the kid would probably be freaked out enough by being in a strange place without it's parents anyways so killing a parent off would just make things annoying for me anyways as the kid would probably be destroyed from like the whole RP xD


anyways... getting to work on a character but if anyone would be up for playing the parent/guardian/relative of my charecter give me a heads up and we can probably work something out :3

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[spoiler=Character: Allina Medley]Username: ElectricKirby

Name: Allina Medley
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Appearance: 2drxrmb.png
Personality: Allina is a thrifty gal, and makes use out of anything. She doesn't talk too much, but when she does, she will often point out flaws in a person. She happens to be somewhat arrogant, and finds it hard to take orders. She doesn't like her boss, and plans to get rid of him. On the other hand, she can be very passionate towards those she has an emotional or physical attraction to. Having grown up on the streets, she knows how to steal what she needs, and how to get what she wants. She also has another side of her, a more childish side, that comes out when she's around friends. She may space out, and often bounces around.
Bio: Allina was born to a single, homeless mother in a dark alley of Hiun City. Her mother died shortly after. She was raised by other homeless people and they taught her how to get by. They taught her how to catch her own Pokemon, and for her tenth birthday, she was brought in front of a wild Absol. But this Absol was different. It was heterochromic; its left eye was blue, and its right eye was golden. Allina was told that if she could tame it, she could keep it. Allina was able to do quite well, and Chromia, her nickname for it, became her new partner.
Position: Mercenary, First Officer


[spoiler=Pokemon: Chromia]


Species Name: Absol

Nickname: Chromia

Nature: Brave

Quirks: Chromia will do anything that her master tells her to do, no matter how dangerous. She looks up to Allina with respect, and obeys without question.

Level: 71

Special Moves: Stone Edge, Shadow Claw, False Swipe


[spoiler=Pokemon: Termina]


Species Name: PorygonZ

Nickname: Termina

Nature: Rash

Quirks: Termina is artificial; Allina took it from one of the labs. Termina has minor personality, and can understand and type in any human language, but cannot speak. It cannot express emotion.

Level: 70

Special Moves: Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic,


[spoiler=Pokemon: Seduccia]


Species Name: Shandera

Nickname: Seduccia

Nature: Mild

Quirks: Seduccia is one of Allina's strongest. Allure follows orders, and, like Chromia, does not question.

Level: 68

Special Moves: Flamethrower, Energy Ball, Psychic, Shadow Ball


[spoiler=Pokemon: Shadora]


Species Name: Gangar

Nickname: Shadora

Nature: Quiet

Quirks: Shadora meditates. It will sit for hours on end and do absolutely nothing.

Level: 67

Special Moves: Toxic




Also, Red, it could be possible that your character could be the illegitimate child of my character, and you didn't actually know your mother.

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