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Penguin Philosopher


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When this card is Flip Summoned, select 1 random card in your opponents hand. Choose either Monster, Spell or Trap and remove that card face-down in the removed from play zone. During your opponents second Standby Phase after this card effects activation, reveal the card. if you guessed the correct type, your opponent must return all cards of the same type they control on the field to their hand. Return the removed card to your opponents hand.


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[quote name='thanonyx' timestamp='1300496971' post='5081937']
Got to say, it's unique, original and has a good pic. Only thing out of place is the font of the name and text boxes. Other than that it's a great addition to the Penguin archetype. 9.99/10


I know, the font on the name is terrible. I prefer using this editor over the sites for long effects because it shows the text properly and the images are easier to adjust.
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