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There are two sides to the plot, the Salunes and the Neeks.

Salunes - The Knights were originally humans, and when earth was completely destroyed by a solar flare, the humans were forced to build a spaceship in a small amount of time and escape to Prelioussan, an alien planet. the humans landed up in Crescent Moon Valley. They had left their weapons back on earth, so they had to borrow iron and stone from the Dwarves and Elves, their new allies, to make weapons. The Dwarves and Elves also taught the Knights magic. Together, the Dwarves, Elves, and Knights made the Salunes, an evil-fighting team.

Neeks - After the Salunes were created, they started to terrorize the Skeletons of Granull. The Skeletons met up with their allies to the North, the Trolls and the Vampires. Together, the villains created the Neeks, and began to defend themselves from the Salunes.

[u][b]In other words, find eachother, fight, and enjoy, at least until my expansion comes, Apocalypse.[/b][/u]
All YCM rules apply, including those of the RP section.






Soldier - Knights, Dwarves, Elves, Skeletons, Trolls, Vampires

Soldiers are fighters who wield swords in one hand and either a shield or another sword in the other. Soldiers are usually agile and average fighters that are mainly in the front line in battle. Soldiers can be Shielders or Hackers.

Archer - Knights, Elves, Skeletons, Trolls

Archers are those who wield bows and arrows. Archers can use magical strength to imbue their arrows with special buffs. Archers stay in the back row. Archers can only be Hackers.

Spearman - Knights, Skeletons

Spearmen use two-handed spears to thrust and jab at the enemy, holding them at bay. Spearmen could be Shielders if they were dedicated, but they are otherwise Hackers.

Thief - Knights, Elves, Skeletons, Trolls, Vampires

Thieves are just mean, stealing gold and other loot from the enemies before violently murdering them. The best melee hackers, but they can only be hackers.

Paladin - Knights, Dwarves, Elves, Trolls

Paladins are Soldiers with a more spiritual side. They combined undying fate with their skills with swords to destroy their enemy. They use light magic to keep the enemies attacking them or to heal their allies. Paladins can be Hackers, Shielders, or Healers.

Mage - Knights, Dwarves, Elves, Skeletons, Trolls, Vampires

Mages are background fighter who use magic to damage the enemy. Mages can only be Hackers.

Priest/Priestess - Knights, Dwarves, Skeleton

Even though Priests can only be healers, Priests and Priestesses are the most important class in Prelioussan. Since they are the best healers, many other classes want to travel with Priests or Priestesses to keep them alive.

*Hackers deal damage, no matter what kind, to the enemy as fast as possible.
*Shielders keep the enemies from attacking allies, and cannot deal much damage.
* Healers explain themselves in their names.
[spoiler=Application Form:]
Role: (Hacker, Shielder, Healer)
Arkerin was born in the Dwarven land of Oryyn. He grew up with his father, who taught him how to use a sword, and his Uncle Jakinrul taught him the ways of the Paladin. Now, he scours the planet to look for some Neeks to just kick butt.
Arkerin is a kind, young boy who will fight with his life to protect his friends and family.
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