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Yugioh Dark Riser


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A Hooded-figure materialized in front of them. It was their Leader. “Is everything Ready?” he asked, in a voice darker than the shadows themselves. “Yes my Lord, we have located everything we need to conduct our plan.” Said another figure concealed by darkness. “Have all the cards been marked?” Enquired the Hooded-Figure. “Almost my Lord, One Card has yet to choose a hero.” Said a third figure. “Interesting...” Said the Hooded-figure.

Chapter 1
Thomas woke up on the floor with a banging headache. “How did i get down here?!?!” he said. Then he remembered he had had a huge party last night. The details were blurry, but he remembered getting absolutely hammered and breaking a window. “Arghh, my parents are gonna kill me” he groaned. There were people sleeping on the floor all over the place. He carefully stepped over them, looking for his duel disk. A quick search revealed that it was under his bed covered in sick. He peeled off what appeared to be a dried up condom. He almost threw up as he flung it behind him. He heard the angry shouts of the person whom it had landed on. He quietly went to the bathroom to wash off the sick. He then looked at his deck. Luckily, it had been protected from the rampage of sick. He looked through the cards, checking none of them had been stolen. They were all there, Thank God. He looked at the clock and almost screamed in frustration. He was an hour late to the duelling tournament. “Ahh, Crap!” he said, starting to run down the lane.
When he got there, there was a bunch people waiting expectantly outside. “Man, Where the hell have you been, we’ve been waiting all morning for you!?!” “Sorry Guys, I had a party and got absolutely hammered.” “Fine. Let’s just get inside.”
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