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The World Lock, recomendations please


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Ok, so I bought a booster the other day and got a lot of Arcana Force monsters, my friend says most of them suck except for one extremely cool monster: Arcana Force XXI - The World. Guess which card I got.

I googled the deck and right now I have a basic concept about it, so I have decided to make the D.D. Scoutplane variation.
Right now I [u]have/need[/u] (I'll update this list as I get the cards and according to your suggestions):

[b]Monsters[/b] 20
1/2 Arcana Force The World
1/1 Caius The Shadow Monarch
1/1 Gorz
1/1 Arcana Force The Moon
1/3 D.D. Scoutplane
3/3 Bazoo The SoulEater
2/2 Arcana Force The Fool
0/1 Strike Ninja
0/1 Summoner Monk
0/2 Armageddon Knight
1/1 Sangan
2/2 Mystic Tomato

[b]Spells[/b] 16
0/2 Light Barrier
0/1 Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen
1/1 Second Coin Toss
1/1 DDR
1/1 Allure of Darkness
1/1 Foolish Burial
1/1 Reinforcements of the Army
1/1 Giant Trunade
1/1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1/1 Creature Swap
1/1 Book of Moon
1/1 Final Countdown
1/1 Smashing Ground
1/1 Monster Reborn
1/1 Dark Hole

[b]Traps [/b]4
2/2 Reversal of Fate
1/1 Royal Decree
1/1 Torrential Tribute

By the way, I almost don't use Synchros since they are pretty rare but I have 1 Junk Warrior (and Junk Synchron), 1 Colossal Fighter and 2 Armory Arms. Just for you to know.

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[quote name='Nexus Prophet-Evanm7' timestamp='1300581912' post='5083848']
Highlander means you run 1 of too many cards. Multiples are better

Then I guess I'll take out... creature swap, final count, smashing,.... mmm what else could I take out?
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