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Pokemon Gen V Contest!


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It's been some time I've made a contest. To celebrate the incoming of a new gen, and knowing most people have beaten and went through the game, I shall present the contest.


The objective is to create a pokemon from Gen V that is the type of what I declare during each round. So if I call Grass in Round 1, you have to make a grass type pokemon like Snivy, and so on. I will eliminate 2 at a time and I will get more critical. Whoever does not enter in by the due date or is not what I want, is disqualified.


GRAND PRIZE: 1000 points and 2 reps + Total Points gained in Rounds.

I need 10 participants for 5 rounds.



Zetsubou Black


The Genuine

Tsukasa Hiiragi

Crystal Star


Little Red Lady!

Trident Dragon/ Assault Mode

Talos the Wind Ninja


#Sasuke Uchiha#





Round One: Bug Type

Round Two: Steel Type

Round Three: Water Type

Round Four: Ghost Type

Round Five: Normal Type

Final Round: Dragon Type

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Guest Zetsubou Black

I would like to join. Is there an entry fee?

With Black in it, this will be fun (and tough + impossible, but...)

Tough? Impossible? Me? xD


I've won one contest, I think. Only one.

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Guest Zetsubou Black



Someone care to explain to me why people find me threatening? o_o


I, honestly, find Spoon much more threatening xD

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