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Trying my hand at an Excess summon


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my first excess card and if its good ill make more, enjoy


LORE: When this card is successfully Exceed Summoned, destroy all other cards on the field. During each of your Standby Pahses, take 100 Life Point damage for each card on the field. Once per turn you can draw cards up to the number of overlaid cards on this card and activate 1 of 3 effects.
- If you picked up a monster card you can Special Summon it to your side of the field.
- If you picked up a spell card, gain 500 Life Points.
- If you picked up a Trap card deal 500 Life Point damage to your opponent.
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lol it kills itself :P I love that mistake, so many people make it, even older members.

Also, excess mechanics have been revealed, and they list the materials on the card itself like Synchro Monsters. Look in the TCG section of this forum, there should be a topic covering excess monsters.

And I'll ignore the template, since I assume you're using the site's cardmaker.

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