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YuGiOh- The Pharaoh's Story


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[font="Comic Sans MS"][/font][color="#FF0000"] PROLOGUE: One day, in ancient Egypt, a young boy was born. His mom named him Yami. No one would think that he would grow up to be the Pharaoh, as he was born to a peasant.[/color] [color="#000080"](5 years later) "Mother", said Yami," Where are we going?", he said, after walking down the street with his mother for about an hour."We are visiting some of your relatives, little Yami" his mother said."Relatives?" asked Yami. He never knew he had relatives!He would get to see more of his family!"Mother, can you tell me a story while we are walking?", he asked. "Oh alright, I shall tell you the story of the pharaoh",his mother said. [/color]

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