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Bringing Back the Old School: Recruiter Chaos!!!!


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i wanted to see how recruiter chaos would be this format...
notice i run no synchros or tuners or anything released passed 2008 xD

Deck: Recruiter Chaos

Monsters: 23
Dark Armed Dragon
Gorz, The Emissary of Darkness
Caius, The Shadow Monarch: 2
Chaos Sorcerer: 3
Cyber Dragon: 3
D.D Warrior Lady: 2
Shining Angel: 3
Mystic Tomato: 2
Breaker, The Magical Warrior: 2
Spirit Reaper: 2
Morphing Jar

Spells: 16
Allure of Darkness
Upstart Goblin: 3
Gold Sarcophagus: 3
Mystical Space Typhoon: 2
Smashing Ground: 3
Book of Moon
Giant Trunade
Dark Hole
Monster Reborn

Traps: 1
Return from a Different Dimension

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