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Back Blast Trap Card


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Wow, its really been a while hasn't it? Well I was just thinking of a super special awesome trap while I was dueling a few days ago and I had to put it down. CHeck it out for yourself and tell me what you think. Its been so long since I posted on a forum that I forgot all the codes and stuff like the spoiler code lol

Pay 500 Life Points to activate the appropriate effect based on the type of card negated:

*Spell: Negate the activation and effect of the card and return it to the owner's hand.
*Trap: Negate the activation and effect of the card and Set that card face-down instead of sending it to the Graveyard.

Please be easy on the image. I was too lazy to make my own and just took one from the net. The props for the image goes to:
"mazeb" of Deviant Art.

Now someone riddle me this, if you don't think this card TOTALLY sucks, what sort of deck would this work in?
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this card is ment to conter you chain that all so u summon they solim u do this and your summon will go threw. or u att they mirro force this and your att go threw as for spells it not verry usefull maby to quickplay spells but as for normal ones it kinda usless. if im not mistaken there are 2 seperit cards with the same kinda ability but it just eather trap or spell and they not conter traps. all in all it is ok not verry usible but not entierly usless.
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