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Stars on the image thing...... whatever it is

Demon wolf


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It's basically to show how active you are on this site. There really is no other reason then to tell others you've been one for quite a while.

It's also used a lot to get an idea of how good the person is at making cards or other things. A newer member doesn't tend to be the best, and older members are expected to be good. This isn't always true though, I forgot how many 1 stars have posted cool cards on here.
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Basically, stars show how much you've posted. There used to be a rule that you could only host a contest with 3 or more stars, but it's gone now. This is how many posts you need to gain stars:

1 star: Join the site
2 stars: Make 25 posts
3 stars: Make 150 posts
4 stars: Make 400 posts
5 stars: Make 1000 posts
6 stars: Make 5000 posts

I also believe that Mods are treated as 5 stars, and super mods are treated as 6 stars. For admins, I am not entirely sure.
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