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Gundam the 08th MS Team

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A gundam series with some of the best action scenes of any mecha series. Gundams aren't gods in this series. They're as breakable as Zakus, and they don't fly into 100 enemies with just a beam saber and then win with no problems.

The story is deep, but down to Earth. It doesn't try to lead us to believe the story is deeper than it is.

Shiro is a soldier in the Earth Federation serving in the One Year War. He falls in love with Aina, a Zeon soldier which causes him a lot of trouble later in the series when the Federation accuses him of being a Zeon spy. During his second encounter with Aina, he decides that Zeon soldiers are human too, and tries to avoid killing when possible. Meanwhile, Zeon is building a doomsday weapon called the Apsalus which is basically like the Big Zam from the original series.
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