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The Battle of Oblivia (Pokemon)

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<P>Professor Joy. (Yes, I said [i]Professor [/i]Joy) A retired nurse who now is catalouging the pokemon of the Oblivia Region </P>
<P>Jonny: Determined trainer, a sort of Pokemon nerd, and a master stratigist. He could beat a Rock and Fighting Type with a Normal that only knows Tackle and Leer. He is 16, and is about 5' 9" </P>
<P>Maria: Annoying 10 year old who adores Jonny, and follows him every where. She also has a major crush on Jonny, and is not afraid to show it. She is 5' 0", and is very good looking. <BR></P>
<P>Prolouge: <BR></P>
<P>Professer Joy woke up to the of her X-tranciever ringing. She picked it up, and heard Christian, her faithful partner, shouting something she couldn't understand. "Woah! Calm down! Now, what were you saying?" Christian spoken in such a rush that Joy couldn't make heads or tails of what he was saying. "I said, we have found a new reigon, but here is the weird thing. It just appeared out of no-where. A pilot was heading back from a check to see if there was really a new pokemon on cinabar Island, and on the way back, he saw a huge mass of land!" This was amazing! They had found a new Region. "AThe pilot had the rights to name it, and named it the Oblivia Region." Joy got on her ferry right away, with the coordinates in her hand, and builders all around her. It was time to colonize the new Region. (25 years later) Jonny woke up in the newly built house in the new town of Gibet Town, named after the pilot who discovered the Region. "Mom, did we have to move? I was just about to take on the Pokemon league back in the Nevia Reigon with Magby!" (Note, there are somewhere around 20 reigons in this Fanfic, but none with new Pokemon, except Oblivia) Jonny complained. "Honey, you can take on the Pokemon league here, too." His mother responded cooly. "Oh yeah, sorry Mom. I'm gonna go ask to see if Ms. Alon needs any help.. Magby can help, to!" </P>
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