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Legendary dragon card

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Does the other Fusion component (other than the L. Dragon card) have to be a pre-existing monster?


If so, here is my entry:





"The Eye of Timaeus" + "Meteor B. Dragon"

This monster cannot be Special Summoned except with "The Eye of Timaeus". Once during your turn you may send one face-up FIRE monster on your side of the field to the Graveyard to remove all monsters on your opponent's side of the field from play. This monster may not attack during the turn this effect is activated.

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I'm in and here's my card....




and the trap card for the fusion to work...




EDIT: Fire Spirit Token has an effect, (One of the only tokens to have one), When it's destroyed, inflict 500 points of direct damage to your opponent's lp. I tried to make this card usefull for Kaiba's Deck sense he has a Infection-Beat-Down deck that seriously cuts down your opponent's deck until he can't draw.

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How do you put your card on Here really big? i can only put that link thingy :D. anyway here it is.


Oh yea i noticed i couldnt see the text so i edited it and here it is:


"Exodia the forbidden one"+"Timaes"

This card can only be special summoned when you have the above monsters and when these cards are in your grave yard:

"Right arm of the forbidden one", "Left arm of the forbidden one", "Right leg of the forbidden one", "Left leg of the forbidden one".

When this card is summoned Destory all cards on your opponents side of the field. Remove all cards in your and your opponent's graveyard. This card cannot attack or change its battle position. This card is unaffectedly by Monster effects, Spell and Trap cards. After the tenth turn this card is summoned you win the Duel.

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