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[Deathcore] Messenger of Peace and Chaos


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[b]Messenger of Peace and Chaos[/b]
DARK / ** / Fairy/Effect:
"[i]This card is also treated as a Fiend-type monster while face-up on the field. Once per turn, select 1 LIGHT OR 1 DARK monster in your Deck and send it to your Graveyard. When a LIGHT monster is Special Summoned, increase your Life Points by 500. When a DARK monster is Special Summoned, destroy 1 card your opponent controls. When this card is destroyed by battle, remove it from play.[/i]"
1000 ATK / 500 ATK

I wanted to make a support card for Twilight decks, but I'm not sure. What do you dudes/dudettes think?
Rate/Hate/Comment. Thanks![/center]
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