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[quote name='MechaSanphred' timestamp='1300972981' post='5093324']
It's weird, like, yesterday, I looked at your profile, and there was the nuke symbol. Now I look, and there's nothing.
If you want to change the picture of the man with a hood, make sure you select "change avatar".
[b]Wait..you saw the nuke??Because on my profile it said it was a picture of a crossbow[/b]
And BTW i want to change my Photo not the assassin.
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[quote name='MechaSanphred' timestamp='1300979495' post='5093441']
Okay, now I see it again, but to fix the problem fully...

What did you try to upload first, the yoshi? Or the nuke?

If the yoshi, just wait a while and it'll change itself.
If the nuke, then you need to change it back to the nuke somehow.
[b]First it was a crossbow but it sucked so i changed it but it wouldn't want to change but i figured everything out now[/b]
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