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Heavy Rain


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Here I'd like to bring up what I think was the greatest game of 2010. I can't stand how some people would fight to the death defending a Call of Duty or Halo. Which in my opinion is nothing but war porn, war for the sake of war. Don't get me wrong I think those kind of games are fun but I believe that games with innovation and imagination should be granted there praise.

Heavy Rain was outstanding it introduced an new control scheme that allowed for differentiation and a wide range of control. You can lose fights, miss clues, or even die if you aren't careful and responsive. The story is amazing but slow to start, its having the view of 4 characters that lets you cross reference the others and evaluate your own. A nice mechanic is the fact that if one of the characters died, the story would progress regardless. The impossibility of a game over is what made the game more like you playing out these events as they happened than as a rail guided game. If A dies then C would never gather what he needed to absolve B and go after D. Everything works like that clockwork and whne playing though its the ripples your actions cause that are unique.

What are your opinions on the game?
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