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[OOC] Death Note: New World Order [Accepting / Not Started]

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[spoiler= Plot]
The Shinigami Realm. The epitimy of nothingness. Killing humans is their only given purpose, just so they can remain alive. For when a God of Death dies, they become like the Shinigami Realm. Nothing. Six shinigami, after hearing the story of Ryuk and the human he had to tag along with, gave it a shot, and managed to obtain extra Death Notes. They then dropped the spare Death notes into the Human World. Six Death Notes. Six Shinigami. Six humans.

Of course, the SPK, once lead by Near, wondered when something like this would occur again. Near retired three months ago, and left a new mind in his place, considered to be smarter then L and his successor's combined. His name and alias are unknown, just like their existance.

There is also rumors of another notebook...one that can undo the effects of the Death Note, and bring a person back to life. Though it's existance is unknown, the person who owns is it is very much real, as is his this "Life Note". He is known as Kyūseishu (savior). Only one Life Note exists. His plan: to complicate matters for the six Kiras.

A war is about to begin. Six mass serial killers. The unknown genious and the four who follow this genious, as well as this Kyūseishu. The battle for order is about to begin...[/spoiler]

[spoiler= Application]
(Family Name, Given Name)
(Modern day countries)
(One of the seven Kiras or among the SPK. You can also chose to be the genious; gender does not matter for the genious)
(If Kira)[b]Reason(s) for becoming Kira:[/b]

[b]Shinigami Name:[/b][/spoiler]

[spoiler= Sadao Yagami]
[b]Name:[/b] Yagami, Sadao
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Age:[/b] 19
[b]Country:[/b] Japan
[b]Affiliation:[/b] Kira
(One of the seven Kiras or among the SPK. You can also chose to be the genious; gender does not matter for the genious)
(If Kira)[b]Reason(s) for becoming Kira:[/b] After hearing the truth of his father's death, Light Yagami Sadao was saddened. He felt the same way as his father; that the world was rotten. One day, when he was walking home from school, he found a notebook. That notebook would forever change his life...and the lives of criminals.
[b]Personality:[/b] Calm, collected, considered to be smarter then his father Light, yet tries to be modest. Does well under pressure and is a smooth talker. He also has his father's appereance.
[b]Shinigami Name:[/b] Light Yagami (though neither of them know it yet).[/spoiler]

[spoiler= Advanced Clause]
Minimum Post Length – Each standard IC post should have the equivalent of at least 4 lines of text. However, a good post should have around one to two paragraphs with proper English spelling and grammar, and should have enough material for other RPers to expand and elaborate on in their own posts. (As a rule of thumb, 4 unbroken lines of text on YCM at standard size and font is roughly 100 words.)

Dialogue – Dialogue should be done in one of two ways; in quotation marks or in speech lines. Script format is prohibited, because it doesn’t allow as much description and is dull overall.

Expies – Copy-paste characters from either separate RPs or from already existing franchises, with only minor detail changes, are frowned upon. This doesn’t allow true “evolution” as a unique character.[/spoiler]
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I will be a Kira.

Name: Anderson, Kane

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Country: North America

Affiliation: Kira

Reason(s) for becoming Kira: Mainly, he was bored. But looking for something to do, he noticed the book. Being looked at. And he watched the person use the name of the closest person, killing them. He came up from behind, knocking them out, and taking the book as well as the names. He watched as they were killed. He just pocketed his book to use for his own purposes.

Personality: He has strong moral values, and disclipline, from Karate. He is a mellow person, but is not anywhere near quiet. He is normally happy, but he is mischevous. He is a bit of a Troublemaker, and with this, a strong sense of curiousity sprouts. He hates having to see the Death Note being used for evil, though he has played around with it by writing some stories, which have the opposite effect of the death, for some reason, it brings them to life.

Shinigami Name: Nilawa

It's just an odd loophole I thought of.
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Name: Penber, James
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Country: Japanese but with Mixed Japanese and American Heritage
Affiliation: Kira but amongst the SPK members
(If Kira)Reason(s) for becoming Kira: James found the Death Note but didn't want to use it at first, having been told by Near that it was how his parents died. He later needed it to stop himself from dying by a mugger and has since become more relaxed about using it, but still mostly uses it for the benefit of the SPK without them knowing. The death note is the second one of Ryuk who returned to have more entertainment amongst the humans and get more apples to eat.
Personality: James is very cautious and tightly controlled, being that he was an orphan from when his parents, Raye Penber and Naomi Misora were killed by Light. He doesn't get angry easily and when he does get angry, it is more of an icy cold anger than a really hot one. He also knows how to speak English and Japanese and knows several types of martial arts, and acts really mature for his age. He has been trained to lie easily in a tricky situation and can pick locks and hack computers.
(Optional)Bio: James is the only son of Raye Penber and Naomi Misora. He was taken in by Near and the SPK after Light was killed and taught to become an agent, currently going by the name Jason Misora,and is working under the current genius of the SPK. He uses his death note to help the SPK without them knowing he is helping them and isn't loyal to the new Kira.

Shinigami Name: Ryuk

I thought the concept of an SPK member with a death note who didn't tell the other SPK would be an interesting one.
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I should tell you, one of the rules in the Death Note's "How to use it" is that when multiple Death Notes are in the Human World, only the first [i]six[/i] work.

Koto, Byakuya
Gender: M
Age: 23
Country: Japan
Affiliation: SPK
Personality: Quiet, but there is always an air of warmth around him. He's rarely rude, and generally friendly when he speaks.
Bio: His father and mother were both police officers, and his older sister was a lawyer, so there was always some expectations to do something in the legal field. He felt the need to step out of the shadow of his older sister, and surpassed lawyer, in his mind, by joining the Special Provisions for Kira.
[spoiler=Appearance (Even though it's not needed)]
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Name: Jane Doe
Gender: Female, though she chose the gender herself
Age: 7 months
Country: America
Affiliation: SPK
Personality: Stern and to-the-point. She doesn't really display emotion, and only communicates via email, text messages, and an automated voice machine. She has an almost fanatic sense of justice, which is her main weakness.
Bio: Jane is an AI originally created from the security portion of a complex Daemon (a type of program) that manages a MMORPG, until a player started killing off other players IRL using a chain email. Jane solved the murder case herself, then started solving other unsolved cases, separating herself from. Her access to all sorts of information, combined with her unique logic circuits, allows her to figure out mysteries effectively and efficiently. She has been recruited by the SPK to help solve these new murders, and is currently trying to pinpoint the location of the killers.
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[quote name='Codename: Lady' timestamp='1300998079' post='5093979']
You know, there's this wonderful thing called "reading"!
Maybe you look through the apps by doing this "reading" and answer your own question!

Erm... calm down maybe? I did read this entire thread before I posted. Never know whos pm'd and such. It never hurts to ask before going throught he work of an app and to get your hopes up of joining, only to find out slots were filled.
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