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NEW! "Earthbound Immortal"

Darklord Draxon

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[color="#4B0082"][size="6"]Earthbound Immortal Ccaryu Worpacula[/size][/color]
[spoiler= Effect][color="#9932CC"]There can only be 1 face-up "Earthbound Immortal" monster on the field. If there is no other face-up DARK monster on your field, this card can't attack. This card can attack your opponent directly. This card cannot be destroyed by card effects, except by its own effect. If this card is targeted by a card effect, you can tribute 1 other monster you control to negate that card and destroy it or destroy this card. This card can't be destroy by battle while in defense mode.[/color][/spoiler]
Story on the card: Draxon of Cyber D's becomes one of the new Dark Signers and this is his Earthbound Immortal. It is the Dragon of the immortals. Draxon uses this card on all of his Signer friends while he was control by the Dark Signers. His friend Alexion was the leader of the Dark Signers which Alexion ended up losing in the end. So now Draxon and Alexion are friends and they are also Signers. Hope you enjoy the card! :)

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[quote= Tsukasa Hiiragi]He actually didn't, but I'm not really complaining.

Pic isn't good, but it's hand drawn, and I've only found 1 good EBI pic on the web, so cool beans.[/quote][quote= Phantasy Dreamz]No offense, but if it's an Earthbound, shouldn't it have the effect that it needs a Field card?
Or is this one out of the Earthboud class, just with Earthbound name and similar effects?

Atleast the picture is original.
Effect is not bad.

It is a New Era of Earthbounds that need other DARK monsters in order to attack and use the effect to attack directly. And yes the pic is hand drawn because I like to make the art for the cards. Their effects are similar to the original Earthbound Immortals but have a slight change with these 2 things.
[b]1:[/b] It needs another DARK monster on the field with it so it can attack and if gets targeted by a card effect, you must either tribute 1 other monster to negate it and destroy it or destroy itself.
[b]2:[/b] It is also different that all these new era Earthbounds have the effect of that they can't be destroyed by card effects, except by its own effect.

[quote= Darkplant]<===================================================3
No honestly, you're good.[/quote][quote= AsterikcAde]You hit the nail on the head with the Earthbound Immortal mechanics here, nice job! 10/10[/quote]
Thanks for your comments and i tried to make something unique without it looking like, yup definitely going to the banned list. also thanks for that rate of 10/10. My first of the year. So I will make a card for AsterikcAde and all you have to do is give me the name of the card.

[quote= ExplosiveCrossbow]Wow, nice job for a new member 8/10
Pros: I like the attack because its not TOO overpowered
Cons: If you have a dark deck this card would be a little too overpowered[/quote]
Yea it looks balanced which is a good thing. And you make a point because it is supposed to be with DARK monsters so of course it is good in a DARK Deck. So yea depends on the deck build for the card and that is why i made it, to see how many decks ppl can make for it.
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