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My first attempt ^..^


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Im not entirely sure how to post the pics in the post but i attached them :l

God (fusion) Slifer The Sky Dragon + Obelisk The Tormentor + The Winged Dragon Of Ra This card gains EVERY effect from Slifer The Sky Dragon, Obelisk The Tormentor and The Winged Dragon of Ra. This card may attack your opponents life points directly and this attack can not be stop and/or redirected and this card can not be tributed for ANY reason. This card can not be sent to graveyard and may not return back to any players hand or deck and this card may not change ownership. This Card is automatically destroyed if The devil is on the field. Remove this card from game when removed from field.

The Pentagram Awakening (ritual spell) This card Is used to summon "The Devil" you must sacrifice monsters whose total level is 12 or more this card may not be negated.

The Devil (ritual monster) This card may only be ritual summoned by "The Pentagram Awakening" and by tributing monster(s) equal to or more then 12 stars. This card is not effected by ANY magic, trap or monster effects. If there is a god in play then destroy god. this card may not be destroyed, returned to hand or deck and may not be rfg for ANY reason. This card may not switch ownership whether on field or in hand. This cards Attack may not be negated by ANY card.
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