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New card for my Shakari Deck

Careless Whisper

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This card will mark as the ultimate weapon in my new Shakari Deck. the key to the deck is to completely brutalize your opponent so excuse me if this seems overpowered to you.




and here are the fusion materials (or contact fusion materials cuz they are like the Neospacians)

EDIT: you've already seen these I'm just making it clear incase anyone can't read what the Fusion Materials are, sense the text turned out pretty small..




the reason why they are a contact fusion, is because in my manga the two shakari's that summon the dragons end up having to fight side-by-side to defeat "Lazarion, the God Shakari" and stop his plan of fusing his body with Anomu's, and if he did fuse his body with Anomu, his power would increase so much, that he could reshape the entire universe so that he would be the only Shakari. and in the their world, Shakari's are the most powerful beings in the universe. But if there is only one Shakari, the balance of power would become unstable and plunge the entire universe into Dark Sound, which is the very power that can destroy a universe.


so the Two summoners are these two:

Malfura = Dark Sound Dragon

Sario (found in sig) = Dark Element Dragon


EDIT: Also this card can go with it too. Although it's very risky..




so what do you think of my new cards.

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