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Monarch world

~ Chidori-Kun

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Tell me how you like tihs story. it'll get more intriqet over time

1 chapter per week




Saki Hinomori


Personality:Clever and kind

Deck: Sky Palidan Deck


Kento Kiwosaka


Personality: Power hungry, loyal

Deck: Dark world


Meena Sashiko


Personality: Strategic and Helpful

Deck: Dark magician deck


Chapter 1


Meena: I summon Dark Magician Girl! Now my lady attack directly!

Saki: Ahhhhh! I'll never be as good as you Meena.

Meena: Don't be silly. I just have more experience that's all

Kento: Well that wraps up the day.

Saki: Let's be getting back. It's getting late.


Meena: Did you hear that?


Saki: Ahhhhhhh!

Kento: Saki!! Who are you.

Shadowy Figure: I'm Demise the King of the Ammagedon world.

Kento: GASP

Meena: What's wrong Kento?!


Meena: Kento! what did you do to him!?

"2 cards fly out of Kento's duel disk"

Meena: What?

Demise: I just came here for a card and the girl.


Meena: Where are you!!?

Meena: Gasp


Meena: Where are you? Where are you?

Kento: Meena wake up.

Meena: Gasp

Meena: Where are we?

Kento: I don't know but I see Duel Monsters every where.

Meena: We must be in the Ammagedon world.

Kento: What's that??

Meena: It's the world of Duel Spirits. Here they rein.

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