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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Adventures of Unova [PG-13]


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[i]The world of Pokemon, the ruthless Hydreigon, Vesaldath, has killed the former king of the Pokemon world, and has ordered a full rule to exterminate those who oppose his ruling as king. The ruthless and mysterious Hypno, Ardan, uses a full hypnosis spell over the entire Pokemon region to slowly and easily hypnotize those of bad hearts. Vesaldath plans to change the ways of the world by capturing every legendary pokemon and plans to become a god and rule all universes in the world.

Before Vesaldath's rule, an Oshawatt named Ozzie one day finds his parents killed by a ruffian named Shuthal (Bisharp). As Ozzie is about to be massacred, and old man appears to save Ozzie, and Shuthal retaliates. The old Conkeldurr, Romaine, explains that Shuthal is part of the Royal Punishment, the group of underlings that serve under Vesaldath. The Royal Punishment includes the Element Lords, the strongest pokemon in all elements. Ozzie plans to avenge his parent's death, by slaying Vesaldath and restore order to the Pokemon world. [/i][/center]

[spoiler=Character Page]
Ozzie is a 10 year old Oshawatt. A little timid and cautious, but heroic at times. After the death of his parents, he is learning to me more a stronger and more effective leader. He currently knows Tackle and Water Gun.

Soren is also 1o years old, and is the leading confidant in the story. He is brave, and very knowledgeable, as he is able to analyze things quickly and get good understandings. He decides to skip his normal life and join with Ozzie to fight evil.

Romaine is an old Conkeldurr that lives atop of Mt. Travail. He has trained on his own under no teacher. He is known to be quite wise and vigil. It is currently known he was Gurdurr trying to bring down Vesaldsath.

More bios later [/spoiler]

[spoiler=Volume One: The Missionary]
[spoiler=Chapter 1: The Sunlight DOWN]
It was morning. The Butterfree were scattering around, and numerous Pidove awake from their roost on the sunlight beach. Young Ozzie, was sleeping in his room, when he heard the chirping of the Pidove.

"Ugh.........looks like it's morning", said Ozzie, as he stretched up. "Can't forget to bring my lucky shell today", he said as he believed that his shell was ultimately important.

Ozzie went downstairs, where he saw his parents, both Dewotts.

"I'm gonna play with Soren today!", said Ozzie, excited. "Whoa, hold on there. please, before you go on, please, carry a lunch", said Ozzie's dad. "Here, a whole bag of Oran berries!", said Ozzie's mom, handing Ozzie a bag.

"Thanks Mom and dad! You guys are the best!", said Ozzie. "Enjoy yourself!", said both of Ozzie's parents, as Ozzie went out the door.

The sunrise went out fast. Several Dwebble wake up late and scuttle along the beach. Shadows of Wingull roam the beach. Finally, the local Wailmer kids bounce around the beach, for fun, making belly shaped prints on the sand.

"Ah...I hope Soren is here today....he's been too busy making himself stronger....", said Ozzie, as he walked along in a giddy mood. Finally, Ozzie reached a quaint house on the shore. Ozzie knocked, and soon came a Snivy.

"Good morning Ozzie..", said Soren, wiping his eyes after waking up.
"Come on! I brought Oran berries today!", said Ozzie, holding the bags of Oran berries.

After an peaceful morning, Soren and Ozzie had on the coastline and looked out while eating a bunch of Oran berries.

"Mmm....Soren, why do you train all day behind your house?", said Ozzie.

"Isn't it obvious? I want to be strong like the other strongest pokemon in the world", said Soren.

"Well, it looks like you're not fit for the deal yet.."
"..!...Still, I want to be like those pokemon that are strong. I want to be like the,"
"Well...good luck in thousands of years."
"Tsk. Ozzie...don't you have something to dream about?"
"Meh. I wanna enjoy-"

Suddenly a man passes towards the two. The two were quite astonished. The man had white boots and gloves, each with arm blades. He red, gold tipped shoulders resemble shoulder pads. His thighs are circular and red colored and progressively get thinner as they connect to the feet.
He wore a red and golden helmet, with a blade running down the middle. Finally, he had two blades on his chest, resembling a ribcage. The two never saw the pokemon before. He had his hands behind his back, as he was polite in one manner.

"Excuse me, but my name is Shuthal. Where are the parents of Ozzie?", he said.

Ozzie was surprised, but stepped forward.

"Eh...uh..M-my my parent are down there..sir", said Ozzie, pointing to his house.

Shuthal, behind the helmet, was of the faintest of smiles.

"Thank you very much children. Oh yes, I think you should leave. I'll have to talk with your parents, and it is private.", said Shuthal.

"Uh..O-okay sir.",said Soren.

Shuthal slowly walked away, and soon into Ozzie's house. "That guy was sure scary", said Soren.
"What did he want at my house anyways?"
"I dunno. Anyways, Let's go back to my house I-"

Suddenly, there was a huge shriek. Ozzie dropped his Oran berries and heard it was from his house
[spoiler=Chapter 2: Unforgiven Blades]
"Hey! I'm going back to my house! Something doesn't seem right!", said Ozzie, worried. Ozzie was running as fast as he can back to his house.

"Eh....WAIT! Ozzie!", said Soren, trying to catch up.

Ozzie finally reached to the doorstep when he saw a red fluid in presence of the doorstep.

"What the...this stuff....I only saw this stuff when I had that cut, but why so man-"
and then Ozzie was shocked. He opened the door to find the Bisharp cling onto Ozzie's Dad's neck. His mom, was on on the floor near the door, bleeding.

"DAD!", said Ozzie.
"r-rr..run...aa..a.awa.y.....", said his dad.
"please...run...", said his mom.

Ozzie, was crying, with the tears of rage running down his cheeks. With his flippers shaking, Soren was there, glimpsing that the sight of death.

"I told you kids this was private", said Shuthal. He then choked on Ozzie's dad harder, which then choked up blood. "Tsk. You really have gone weaker throughout the years.....pathetic".

"LET GO MY DAD!", said Ozzie. He approached to Shuthal and attempted to kick Shuthal, but his legs were steel hard. Ozzie was just punching and kicking to do his best.

"Annoying brat." Shuthal kicked Ozzie against a wall, where he collapsed.

"Ozzie! What are you doing?", said Soren, running to Ozzie at the edge of the wall.

"Okay you miserable Dewott, I think I'll give you a taste of my blades, again, only this time, it's your last supper", said Shuthal.

Finally, at a split second, Shutal's arm punched through the Dewott with a gaping amount of blood. Ozzie, experiencing this, was horrified....and was blank for moments....

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", screaming Ozzie as he yelled an enormous scream. "Eh...O-ozzie....", said Soren, surprised.


[i]"What? Their son......he has that power level....this is proving to be dangerous...I'll be finished if he hits me several times......might as well finish him before he becomes....[size="1"]that[/size]..."[/i]

"Hey kid, I don't know who you are, but you're bothersome!", said Shutal, criss-crossing his bloody arms. He then sharpened them, and moved them in a high speed pattern until his arms were set in a position like a claw.


Suddenly, the attack was stopped, by a rock. The man, had a thick body, with large muscled arms. Soren, who was pushed out, was again, astonished.

"s***....it's you again....Romaine".
[spoiler=Chapter 3: end of understanding]
The old Conkeldurr seemed quite sharp at least, being able to block out the final attack against Ozzie.

"It looks like you old fart didn't die after all", said Shuthal. He lashed away and settle back near the two dead parents of Ozzie.

"Shuthal....please....they're just children. Have you already comitted enough violence for a day?", said Romaine.

"SHUT UP OLD FART", said Shuthal as he lunged towards Romaine. Romaine, calm, did little effort but easily stopped Shuthal's attack with only one arm. Shuthal, stunned, had a sense of anger, the type after realizing you're battling an old enemy again.

"If you're smart, you better leave before I pull off my move. You've been wound in the past, TOO much."

Romaine released his grip, and Shuthal quickly retaliated.

"Hmph. Not bad for someone like you.", said Shuthal.

Soren, who has been watching the entire fray, was shocked by Romaine's presence. Ozzie, just sitting exhausted, was confused after raging.
"You kids still here? Don't worry about him. He's gone.", said Romaine, picking up with cane-like rock.

Soren got up, and helped up Ozzie, still dazed.

"Sir, who are you sir? And who was that person?!", said Soren blinded, by what has happened. "I'm so confused......and scared...". Romaine walked towards the two, and glared at them.

"I believe you should get back to my house and we'll explain everything. Here, I believe there's no turning back here", said Romaine, looking at the dead parents.

"Ozzie, please wake up", said Soren.

Ozzie woke up to find himself in a room with mats, some dead plants in flowerpots, and numberous sacks with sand, as well as rods and rocks laying around.

"You're in my house, Ozzie", said Romaine, walking with his rock pillar as his support. "You only have minor injuries, but you're okay now. Right now, I guess, your parents are dead.", said Romaine.

"WHAT? MY parents?....oh.....", said Ozzie, as he began to cry. "w-why.....why..whywhywhywhy...Why would someone do that?.......I don't understand..."

Romaine took a deep sigh and sat on the floor.

"Your parents...are not ordinary, and so are you", said Romaine, quietly.
[spoiler=Chapter 4: Blood on the Margins]
"You see, a long time ago, there was a Deino, who was blind, not seeing the world perfectly. as he grew, he became more arrogant and powerful, as he attempted to overthrow the king of the Pokemon world. His attempts failed, and was thrown into prison for a 260 year sentence. Eventually, he went escaped, running away to a faraway dungeon in the clouds. He hated the current world we lived in. He hated how everything was, really. He believed that the legendary pokemon were nothing but useless deities that no longer need existence.."

The two pokemon were confused, still intimidated from the massacre.

"What?", said Soren.

"Let's just say some Deino was exiled because he had some bad ideas", said Romaine.

"Ah, I see. He must have done many wrong things", said Soren.

"He is quite the extremist. One day he staged a coup to overthrow the king"

"But why? He was a good king", said Soren.

"Well it leads to something longer ago.You see, Legendary Pokemon have shaped the world since the big bang, and everything happened in order and it ended up in peace. However, it was believed the power of the looming legendary pokemon was unnecessary. So in order to prevent anymore confrontations, they stored their power in a shard, and combined it into a normal rock to form the God's stone. It was believed the rock brought order and peace to the Pokemon world, like an automatic computer. However, it was largely unstable if interacted. The world could go unbalanced and would easily cause bad occurences".

"Does this relate to the number of bad pokemon popping up recently?", said Soren.

"True. The rock was placed in an altar in a place called the Sky Pavillion, a previous home to famous genetic pokemon Mew.", said Romaine.

Suddenly there was a jolt in Ozzie. still baffled and intimidated by his parent's death, the name jolted his mind. Mew. What could it be?

"Ahem I had a sore throat there. Now, the Sky Pavillion was altered into a castle, that would rule by a king. He lead the Pokemon world very well, until the Deino, who became a Hydreigon came. I believe his name was...Vesaldath".

The cave room soon became silent for a moment. Some Volbeat hummed their tails by while the Illumise followed along with a singing tune. It broke the silence.

"I'm sorry.....I almost didn't understand to be honest", said Ozzie, shrouding himself in his blanket.

"It's okay. The rest of my story is vague, but your parents were an expert pokemon exploration duo team, who rose to try to defeat Vesaldath. However, they failed. I was a young Gurdurr then, so I don't know what they did or what happened."

Finally Ozzie arouse from his bind and opened his mouth to speak.

"My parents....were a master exploration team?", said Ozzie, surprised. "That's funny. They don;t look like it...."

"Well they were. i was good friends. So on with the story, I found out they got to the room with the God's Stone, and when it was altered, it resulted in a massive explosion with many earthquakes and storms that tore through the world. it calmed quickly, but it caused much damage. After that, Sky Pavillion fell to ruin. No one knows where it is. The shards have split apart and are randomly spread to areas around the world". Romaine finished the story with a gasp.

"Finally, I believe they came after you, because you were just so special somehow", said Romaine.

Ozzie was still puzzled. Trying to piece together every info into his young mind. But there was a feeling that he just didn't want to believe it at all. [/spoiler]
[spoiler=Chapter 5: Fight it with Fight]
"Hey, I know this may seem confusing or unbelievable to you, but that's how I experience it, and you have to go over it", said Romaine. "But you can't just wish none of this happened. You are where you are right now".

Ozzie drew back with his clutched blanket, and emerged.

"Ugh...it just seems I'm so lonely right now..", said Ozzie, still sobbing. Soren walked by and gave him an easy pat.

"Don't worry. I told my parents I'll go out on an exploration team to find new things. I think I lied, but since you got nowhere else to go, I think you should...fight your anger with..fight you know?".

Ozzie just stared in blank space. It finally had come to him.

"I....I think I'll..I'll...I....will become stronger...and..I'll be able to fight off the bad guys....if they ever come", said Ozzie. "*sniff*I....I.I..I don't want no one else to end like my mom..and dad..I can't..just..fall..behind doing nothing...when all you said is true...*sniff* really..I think I'll..."

"I understand", said Romaine, getting up. I think you shall be trained by me, and I believe you shall carry on with your parents. I may be old, but seeing you kids all sorrowful and lonely, I have to assist you all. Once again, you will learn from me, and you will be able to do whatever on your own, to eliminated all that is bad, maybe even those of Vesaldath."

"You really think so?", said Ozzie.

"Well that sounds exciting. Come on Ozz, don't you want to uh...avenge your mom and dad?", said Soren.

The cave grew a little silent, but finally Ozzie turned back to Romaine.

"Fine. I think...I am prepared to..to..to.t.fight..no matter what there is...I don't want somebody else...to end up..like..li.like my mom and dad...", said Ozzie, with a slight, but bold expression on his face. Romaine walked toward him, with grim expression.

"Good. I'm glad to hear that. If you want to learn my ways, and join my cause, you might as well get some sleep", said Romaine. He laid down his rocks, took a bucket of water, and splashed it over the fire, making night shine even more darker.

"We begin tomorrow. get some rest. You need to forget about what happened today, or your memories will plague you as weakness to your foes.", said Romaine, unseen in the dark.

Soren took his blanket and laid on the ground on a grass pile. Ozzie followed as well.

"I'm, sorry Ozz. Maybe, someday, I think you'll avenge your parents.", said Soren, and with that, he went to sleep. Ozzie followed with a warm expression on his face.
* * * *
On the brink of dawn, the Chatot were singing their morning tune. The two pokemon ready, and trying to look vigil stood in the daylight, with Romaine, old as he was, with his rock cane in his hand, ready to give order.

"Your first assignment is to gather Chople Berries on Jagged Ridge.", said Romaine.

"But isn't that...about 5 miles AWAY?", said Soren. Ozzie looked surprised as well.

[spoiler=Chapter 6: CHOPle you 1]
Staring away from Mt. Travail, was a giant set of cliffs made out of limestone, with the sea behind it.

"To get there, you need to descend the mountain, into a forest that holds many grass, dark, and poison type pokemon. It's Shadowy Grove. If you cross the long forest, there's a town."

"Well that's a relief. At least you can rest", said Ozzie.

"After that, there's a little more forest, but after that, head straight to a quarry path that extends to Jagged Ridge. Once there, climb up the mountain and be careful. The rocks are sharp, the boulders fall down the mountain so and then, and the Lairon there are vicous, like other pokemon, so keep on watch."

"But do you expect us to do all that? It's dangerous!", said Soren.

"It's part of the training. Endurance. Now, on one part of the cliff, is a small bush that holds exotic berries. I only need Chople berries."

Ozzie stepped up, and began to complain. "But wouldn't that take hours to complete?".

"Ozzie, I only did this task in one hour all the time", said Romaine. Soren and Ozzie were just surprised. Also, if you can't complete this mission by dusk, you'll be sorry."

And wit that, the two nodded and took some steps out unto the wilderness. Several Fearow are seen beginning to catch their prey.

"Okay, so he said the shortcut is down here", said Soren, pointing to a steep mountain eidge.

"Umm...Isn't that kinda.....dangerous?", said Ozzie.

"Obviously yes. Gonna take you chances?", said Soren. "Alright. I'm gonna jump", said Ozzie. With a sheer look at the bottom of the mountain, Ozzie took a jump into the rocky depths. And with a single sight, he was already experiencing difficulties.

"Ugh...that hurt...", said Ozzie, adjusting his head. "Good thing this leaf pile was here, or I could have died. *sigh*. And to think I had to jum-" Suddenly above, was a scream from a falling Snivy.

"Oh crap!", and with that, landed Soren.

"Oh god...Soren are you okay?", said Ozzie. Soren got up, after landing on the ground.

"Crap...My head is bleeding...And it's hurts too..", said Soren. "Hold on, I think My mom told me about natural remedies for wounds. Maybe if...I..", said Ozzie, until he observed the surrounding.

There was nothing but trees, trees, and trees. A lot of trees in fact, enough that covered the sky to look as if there was no light. The only like that shined from the trees looked like a spotlight, or a vision of God. In the distance, a Misdreavus was scaring some stray Zigzagoon, while the Seedot hung from their tree limbs, shivering.

"Soren, I don't think we can advance much into the forest...", said Ozzie, trying to scour the area.

"Too bad..you just look like those Patrat", said Soren, laughing. "Very funny", said Ozzie. "Let's just try to move on, even with your scar"

Ozzie helped up Soren, and the two began their careful trek across the Shadowy Grove. After many hardships, the two stopped somewhere.

"*gasps* This wound is getting more feisty...I think I'll wrap myself some long leaves as a bandaid", said Soren, and with that was a grass headband.

"You kinda remind me of those ninjas", said Ozzie, laughing, and they all laughed.

On a tree perched, the pokemon activated his caller, and began getting in contact.

[i]"I found the kids"[/i], said the Pokemon.

[i]"Excellent. Begin extraction sometime soon. I want the Oshawatt alive, but the Snivy, I don't care about him"[/i], said the other pokemon on the other line, which seemed sinister.

[i]"Thank you boss. I've been waiting for an assassination like this in a long time. That look on the Conkeldurr's face will be so priceless when he finds two kids dead."[/i]

[spoiler=Chapter 7: The Insect Blade]
"Oh...My stomach growled. I'm so hungry...we haven't ate in hours.", said Ozzie.

"Technically, it's only been 20 minutes and we haven't seen the exit yet.", said Soren, with his grass headband.

"Come on, I think I saw some food around that large rock over there", said Ozzie, pointing to a large rock.

From around, was a giant stash of berries, which were commonly found around the area. Ozzie came aorund, and saw the stash.

"Finally! Yes, there's even Persim and Cheri berries! my favorit-", said Ozzie, utnil he was interupted by a sight. Next to the berry pile were several Nidoran(Male), sleeping nearby.

"Oh-no...",said Ozzie, surprised. Ozzie when back around, meeting Soren, who was resting on a log.

"I'm sorry Soren, but there's just some N-Nidoran and-and...I just don't know if I can get the berries..", said Ozzie, still afraid.

"What?....but didnt you know what Master Romaine said?" And then, suddenly words came to Ozzie:

[i]"When you go out, be prepared to create sacrifices. Don't be afraid to kill, murder, or hurt. Unless it's a good reason, sacrifice is necessary sometimes. Like I said, eliminate all personal worries, and do what is needed. Who cares if you do something that goes against your norms. Good will always come to you. But if you abuse sacrifice, you'll fall into evil. So Ozzie and Soren, learn that you will have to do many things for the course of survival. After all, you two are my youngest students."[/i]

"............Okay. I think I'll just threaten the Nidoran a little and I'll steal a few of their berries."

Ozzie went back behind the rock, and finally began charging power. "I hope this comes in handy!"

"WATER GUN!!" Suddenly wide amounts of water sprayed from Ozzie's mouth, scaring away the Nidoran, without any other happening.

"I...I..I did it...", said Ozzie. "Alright, I should be happy. At least I'll have my favorite berries for a chance!" Ozzie slowly gathered the berries unto a leaf, and went back to Soren.

"I picked up these berries like what Master Romaine told me", said Ozzie, dropping the berries.

"MMmm, they look good. I hope there's some Chesto berries. They are good for-"

Suddenly, a pokemon lands on the leafy ground, and the two looked behind. there wasa tall pokemon, who was particularly green. He had two sets of wings, with two arms with scythes at the ends.

"I have a feeling this won't go well, said Soren.

The Scyther finally emerged in sight in front of the two. "Nice to meet you. My name is Lerch, and*lifts scythe arm*, I'm very sorry for the brief introduction", said Lerch as he disappeared. In a split second, Soren was instantly cut and wound like a knife cutting fruit.

"Oh no....SOREN!", said Ozzie. "Shut up kid. He's gonna die. And you may be next.", said Lerch. His scythes gleamed in the light beaming from in-between the trees.[/spoiler][/spoiler]

[spoiler=Volume Two: The Hardship]
[spoiler=Chapter 8: Kneel to Me or Perish]
[i]"Well, you stupid Oshawatt, I guess you don't get who I am again. I'm Lerch, the one who you'll never forget...."[/i]

Ozzie was paralyzed by the sight of Soren. His chest was cut vertically, and blood was gaping out, but not quickly, nor largely. Ozzie finally took some steps back and grabbed his shell.

"...You....You..You.MONSTER!", said Ozzie as he lunged an attack with his shell. Lerch just lifted his arm as the blades clashed.

"It looks like you have lot strength already in your shell, but it looks like you can't really form it into a sharp enough weapon", said Lerch. He finally swifted his arm, and Ozzie flew all the way back to a tree with a thump.

"Ugh....O-Ozzie...ar-are you okay?", said Soren, trying to move. Ozzie finally got up, dazed, but still ready to battle.

"I...I.I..I'm sorry Soren...He got you cause I let my guard down...", said Ozzie, trying to keep it in.

"...ugh..i-it's..okay. I just can't move...but I'll try something..."

"Hey no more outside talk. *points scythe blade* You're gonna be sorry coming through here. "

At a second, the blades crossed again, in a fracktail battle, but it seemed Lerch did not put any effort at all. Finally, Ozzie jumped back a step to retaliate.

[i]"Ugh....I've been jumping around and trying to hit him...but it looks like, he's not taking any hits. Worse, is he even trying? It's not fair! How come?"[/i]

"Please, I know your species. You may be using your shell as a weapon, but it's not powered up like normally trained Oshawatt do. You're just an amateur. Stop now while you can.", said Lerch, standing from a distance.

"Tsk..*raises shell to point* No way I'm losing! I'll defeat you somehow!", said Ozzie.

"But you'll regret fighting at an early age *crosses scythe arms*", said Lerch, as in another second, Ozzie's left arm began bleeding.

"AAAAAAAAaaagghhh.....oh-no....it hurts...", said Ozzie. He dropped his shell, and began kneeling to the ground, with his other hand holding the cut arm, trying to ease the pain. From behind, Lerch was perched on a tree overseeing.

"See? Now you're on your knees. you're begging for mercy. You'll regret fighting at such a young age!", said Lerch as he leaped for another attack.

As Lerch began to attack, and interruption was made, when Ozzie through his shell at Lerch, blocking the attack.

"What? You threw the shell and it blocked my attack?", said Lerch. "So you are kinda good for a young one."

"I didn't know The shell could do that to be honest", said Ozzie, still clutching his wound hand.

"You're quite the stubborn one. I'll finish you, but not kill you. Until then, after Master passes inspection, I get to kill you. *goes into a fighting stance* Now, let's conclude this useless fight."
And with that, Lerch's Scythe arm began to glow a light green.

Finally in MORE than a second, the attack was interrupted, with an unusual source.

"Don't worry....Ozzie, I got your b-back..", said Soren, defending Ozzie with his tail.

[spoiler=Chapter 9: Friends Share Fights]
"Oh, so you managed to heal after that attack?", said Lerch. "I used a Fury Cutter attack. You should be taking critical damage due to type effectiveness."

"That's true, but I've been prepared. You see, I study every day, day and night about Pokemon. when I agreed to take on my fate, I put my knowledge together. When Ozzie found several berries, I ate some Oran berries to speed up the regeneration of my wound. The wound is still open, but less blood is coming out. It was also lucky there was a Tanga Berry in the berry collection. It weakens Bug type move effectiveness", said Soren.

"You smartass. You used a cheap way to slowly regenerate. Still, my order was to get the Oshawatt, and you can be killed. Which is what I have to do.", said Lerch.

"Well, I think I'll take over for now, Ozzie.", said Soren.

"But your wounds..and you can't stop him! He's too good! You'll be like me!", said Ozzie.

"I'll just buy time. There are some Oran Berries left I think. Eat them and your wound will slowly begin to aid itself. Then we can fight together and take down this guy."

"Okay, enough technical stuff. Let's just end this", said Lerch as his wings began to flap, until at the point it created a large draft.

"He's trying something!", said Ozzie.

"Take my Wing Attack!", said Lerch, as he leaped to attack Soren on his side. By the time Lerch was almost to Soren, Soren jumped, and began wafting his tail into the air, while leafs from the ground began to follow and sharpen up.

"Take my Leaf Tornado attack instead!", said Soren as the twister headed straight to Lerch. "Gah...what?", said Lerch as he is swallowed by the twister. Soren descended, looking at the damage he made.

"I may have joined this mission, but it looks like I did very good.", said Soren, with a proud expression.

"Don't be too ahead of yourself man..I'm still here!", said Ozzie. "Anyways, is he finished?"

"Well I don't think s-", said Soren, interuppted.

"You both are really annoying.", said the voice. from the leaf pile, was the Scyther, and to both pokemon's surprise, he was unharmed.


"You kidding?That attack only did minor scratches. Since I am clarified as a Bug-Flying type, Gras type moves are very useless. And because we are on a different level, it's damage was very minor. I'm sorry but you lost, Oshawatt and Snivy."

"Oh-no....are we gonna die??", said Ozzie, frantically.


Suddenly from above, after the shout, a blue pokemon emerged from the trees and slammed down on Lerch.

"What? What is this?", he said.

"Well I think you should leave those pokemon alone.", said the Pokemon, which happened to be a Machop. "The name is Bridge! Fighting these rookie pokemon are no use!", said the Machop.

"What? What Pokemon are y-", said Ozzie as he is confronted by another pokemon who happened to be a Bellossom.

"Hold on. Don't move you guys. We'll get you out of here.", said the Bellossom. Ozzie and Soren were both confused.

"Alright, the battle shifts to me Mr. Scyther!", said Bridge.

[spoiler=Chapter 10: My Fist on Yours]
"Wow, how many opponents I have been battling? Really..", said Lerch.

"Sorry, but I guess fight stops with me", said Bridge, with an eager look.

"You know what? I believe I cannot take anymore of this. I believe I should retaliate for now. [i]Master will not be pleased when he sees I'm late.[/i] I'm afraid you all have no reason. So I bid farewell", said Lerch as he dashed away.

"WAIT!", Bridge shouted.

"Forget it Bridge. These Pokemon are quite injured", said the Bellossom.

"Wait, who are you two?", said Ozzie.

"Ummm.....let's just say we are good friends", said Bridge. "We saw you fighting and we decided to help you two from the Scyther guy. I think his name was Lerch?"

"Uh-huh. Thank you a lot anyway. Ugh...even though I my wound is closed, I'm still hurt and tired..", said Soren, on his knees.

"Don't worry. I will use my aromatherapy techniques to speed up the healing.", said the Bellossom. "By the way, my name is Aisha. It's a pleasure to meet you two", she said.


When the four finished walking, Ozzie and Soren finally reached the town they'd say was the halfway mark.

"Well guys, welcome to Cheery Village! it may sound a little cheery, but the Elder named it that way because the thriving of pokemon around are like cheering and cause the village is always in a happy mood you know?", said Bridge.

"Well what a weird name for a village indeed", said Ozzie.

The two pokemon lead Ozzie and Soren into a small hut, which had several laid beds. There's an overflowing cupboard of various drinks such as Carbos, Protein and Zinc all around. Other knick knacks are displayed as well.

"And this is where we live! Kinda quaint actually.", said Aisha. "It's not much, but we have lots of money and we can pay off our debts and we actually live a good life here."

"That's actually cool. It even makes me look like I like living here!", said Ozzie.

"Yeah that's true! I think we can-", said Soren as a thought came into his mind, and soon the feelings of something was stirring in his body.

"Ummm...Bridge, what time is it now?', said Soren.

"Why it's 12:19 I believe.", said Soren.

"Oh crap! We've been through all of this for over 5 hours!! We have to go!", yelled Soren.

"Huh?......What...Oh yeah! s***! We have to continue our training! Master will be angry with us!", said Ozzie, as they both ran out of the hut.

"Wait! Where are you going?", shouted Bridge. "Yeah! Your injuries haven't been completely healed!", shouted Aisha.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Chapter 11: CHOPle you 2]
[i]"I can't believe those kids got the best of me....I couldn't even try to capture one of them...but next time, I'll get them right away!"
thought Lerch, as he dashed away.

"What? A nearby presence?", said Lerch again, as he sensed a strong power nearby.

"Huh?.....Oh...It's you...Shuthal".

The Bisharp emerged from the shadows and finally went out at broad daylight to confront Lerch.

"You failed capturing that child? You're so pathetic.", he said.

"Shut the hell up..your words mock me.", said Lerch.

"For a hired assassin, you sure got the innocent side of you", said Shuthal, and a laugh followed.

"I said shut the hell up.", said Lerch. "God, I don't know why you are now leading the the Imperial Army. You were weak. You could barely beat a Simipour and a Mienfoo" Shuthal was offended.

"What did you say to me? Do you wanna go? I'll kill you, and you'll regret ever calling me a weakling..."

"Fine enough, only to show that incident at Shadowy Grove was not my full extent.", said Lerch. Lerch pulled out a small shiny container, and placed it out to his chest, and began charging power, emanating a red aura.

"Change" Suddenly red aura emitted from Lerch, as a substance began covering him up.[/i]

"Hey, wait!", yelled Bridge, as he ran towards the two.

"*gasps* I thought I'd never catch up with you guys...", said Bridge.

"How come you are following us?", said Ozzie.

"Well, it's not like a Scyther attacks you out of nowhere and you have to do some special assignment. So may I come with you two? If it's okay.", said Bridge.

Ozzie and Soren looked at each other, and then looked back at Bridge.

"Well it's not like Top-Secret, so, I guess...you can come along.", said Ozzie.

"Thanks guys. I also heard while you were running that you had to collect some berries. What were they?", said Bridge.

"You see, we were asked to get Chople berries. Who knew they'd be so far?", said Soren.

"I know where they are! You see, *points to mountain* there's a small forest path past Cheery Village that leads to a wide quarry. It is home to many harmless pokemon, but it is dangerous crossing it. I think there are bushes where Chople berries grow, as with other berries, but I heard there's a lot of dangerous Aron and Lairon.."

"Well that seems kinda dangerous.."

"Yeah, I don't know if I should really do this."

"Don't worry guys, I've scaled Jagged Ridge lots of times safely! You can count on me!", said Bridge, with his thumb on his chest, with a look that the two should trust him.

With that, the three began setting off to the ridge.
"Welcome to Jagged Ridge!", said Bridge. Soren and Ozzie looked up at the wall, while something was staring back at them. [/spoiler]
[spoiler=Chapter 12: Iron Jawed Angels]
Ozzie and Soren gazed up the cliff wall, where it was inclined to loom over the two.

"Still, how are we going to climb up the wall?", said Ozzie. "The walls look too sharp, and it looks hard to hold on and climb up with your hands..."

"Don't worry, I climbed up this ridge many times.", said Bridge. "That's why they call me Bridge. Cause I'm sturdy and agile as a bridge!". The three began to laugh a little. "Don't worry, if you keep your hands dry, and you hold on to something clingy, and never look down, you can do it."

"You know you sound like it's easy...", Soren complained.

"Hey, it's experience.", said Bridge. With that, the team began their voyage up the mountain. Several Mandibuzz were roosting on their long pilgrimage to catch prey. On a tree branch, were looking at the three, trying to scale the wall.

"*Slips* wah-wahgh-W-AHhhhah...", said Ozzie. "Wait, hold on buddy!", said Soren as he gave him a hand.

"Thanks a lot Soren. I nearly could have died...", said Ozzie.

"Careful. Although we're heading to safe ground, this is were the Lairon hang out.", warned Bridge. The gang were heading to a cliff edge, were it was horizontal were they could rest from climbing.

"*sigh*. Are the Lairon pokemon that dangerous?", said Ozzie.

"*walks off* Kinda. They do no harm, but they violently attack if you ever stumble upon their territory", said Bridge. "They'll charge at you, plummeting at the cliff below. Don't want that to happen"

Soren and Ozzie looked down to the quarry below, and they both began to have a queasy feeling.

"Umm...let's just continue the trek up the mountain shall we?", said Soren. "Yeah I agree...", said Ozzie.

"Wow far have we been walking to the other side of the cliff?", said Ozzie, who was drastically tired from perilously walking over the edge.

"Don't worry, we're almost th-", said Bridge as he is interrupted by the staring Lairon and Aron.

"Oh no...", said Ozzie. "We're screwed...screwed..."

"Hey? What makes you think you can step upon our territory?", said the head Lairon.

"Uh...we just came to gather ber-", said Ozzie as he is rammed by an Aron. "Oh-god...OZZIE!", screamed Soren as Ozzie is seen hanging on a cliff.

"That's it, LEAF TORNADO!", shouted Soren as he began swirling his tail to create a twister.

"WAIT! WHAT ARE YOU DOIN-", yelled Bridge as the platform holding the ridge broke.
[spoiler=Chapter 13: you, me and OBLIVION]
When the stone ledge began to break apart, Bridge leaped unto a tiny ledge, looking at the Lairon and Aron falling to the depths of the canyon. Ozzie, who was knocked off, began falling along with them.

"Oh s***...Ozzie! I'm sorry! Hold on!", yelled Soren, as he hung on a ledge. "I hope I can master this technique", said Soren. Slowly, he began focusing his energy, until a vine slowly began growing out of his back.

[size="2"]"Hey Soren! I'm down here!"[/size], said Ozzie, who hung on to a rock before plummeting to death.

"Alright bud! Vine Whip!", said Soren, as a vine descended towards Ozzie. As ozzie grabbed it, he made his descent back up to the current level.

"I could have died......thanks Soren", said Ozzie.

"Hey guys, no need for thanks right now! *points to the right* Look!"

Bridge pointed to a Lairon that was at the top of the canyon cliff, which definitely looked angry.

"What have you done to our only ground??!?", said the Lairon. He soon began stomping on the ground, enough to cause tremors that blasted away the wall. Soon, rocks were falling towards the three.

"HEY GUYS! WATCH OUT!", said Bridge. "Wait! I got this!", said Ozzie, as his cheeks began to enlarge.

"Water Gun!", and with that, water began spurting out water towards the rocks, redirecting their fall.

"Good work Ozzie! It's just that I cant hold on with you and this Vine Whip much longer!", Soren complained. The Lairon kept stomping the cliff edge to let down more rocks, until it was enough to let down the rocks where he was standing.

"Hey! I have an idea!", shouted Soren, while trying to avoid the falling pebbles. With that, he lifted his vine and threw it, along with Ozzie over the wall towards the Lairon.

"Ugh......my head", said Ozzie, after his long launch. "Still, good idea Soren!"

"Yeah I guess! I'm going to climb up on my own up the cliff!", shouted Bridge, as he began ascending to the top.

"Wait Ozzie! Grab on to my vine and lift me out!", said Soren. Suddenly, he was hit by a nearby rock, and began to slip and fall. "HURRY!".

"*grabs vine* Hey hold on!", yelled Ozzie. With his diminutive strength, he tried to pull the vine, until Bridge stepped in.

"Hey! I'll hold on! You deal with the Lairon!", said Bridge, as he pushed to pull out Soren.

"Hey you can't just get away while my friends are down there! Take my attack!", said the Lairon as he began running towards Ozzie. Ozzie pulled out his shell, and began channeling his energy.

"Shell Blade!", Ozzie screamed as he unleased the latent power of his shell blade, sending the Lairon into the oblivion along with his friends.[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Chapter 14: CHOPle you 3]
"I can't believe we had to knock down a lot of innocent Aron and Lairon...", said Soren, looking at the bottom from above.

"Hey, didn't you say that you had to collect some berries or something?", said Bridge. Another spark grew on the two pokemon's heads.

"Oh no....we've been wasting time climbing up this mountain, and yet sundown is approaching fast...", said Soren. Looking out to the west, was a sea behind the cliff. On the horizon, was the sun, emitting a warm colored sky.

"s*** that's right! We gotta do this fast be-". said Ozzie as he saw a nearby speck, that looked surprisingly green. "*points to bush* Hey couldn't that bush hold some Chople Berries?"

Soren squinted, and took some steps forward until he saw the bush. At a glance, they were Chople berries. "Hey are those berries!", said Soren, ass both Ozzie and Soren began runnning towards the edge.

"Hey! wait up!", said Bridge trying to follow along. When they reached the bush, they began picking each berry at last.

"How long has it been since he had to find and pick these berries?", said Ozzie. "*bites into berry* these are actually good too! No wonder Master likes them a lot."

"Hey! You keep mentioning this Master guy and these cherries!",said Bridge, who was urging for an answer. "You kept this as a secret the entire time! What's so special?"

Soren and Ozzie looked at each other, and then back at Bridge. They were both unsure what to tell to Bridge, as they both experienced many obstacles and events Bridge couldn't understand. Still, he was requesting answers.
"Uhh...Ozzie, I think we should go for now, and leave this guy alone until next time", whispered Soren.
"Alright, but isn't that kind of mean?", whispered Ozzie

"Don't worry. We'll tell him we have to go, and we'll see him later. Romaine will kill us.."

"Fine. But we'll have to run for it."[/size]

"*looks to Bridge* Look Bridge...we have to go somewhere for now. I promise we'll see you again!", said Ozzie as he nodded, and at the same time, Ozzie and Soren took off.

"Hey wait! You can't just.....", said Bridge.

Dusk fell quick over the Pokemon world, as the nearby pokemon began their rest in their nests and dens. On the cave atop of Mt. Travail, was a disappointed Conkeldurr, and two outraged young pokemon.

"You see....when he tried to make it down...we.w-w-ww-we..kinda dropped it all...", said Ozzie. He was holding his hands on his shell, as a sure hope for luck.

"I'm sorry master.....we kinda...failed..s-s-sir...", said Soren, looking away.

Romaine got up, took a few steps towards the edge, and looked out to the full moon ahead. He then turned around, and looked at the two.

"Don't worry. You didn't fail.", said Romaine, as if no emotion had changed. "You already had suffered enough. But for now, you should learn better to keep your guard up. For now, let's just rest."
[spoiler=Chapter 15: A Turkish Delight]
On another dark night, Soren, Ozzie, and Romaine sat across each other on the outdoor fire, while roasting some wild Bidoof.

"I never knew how beautiful the night is..", said Romaine. Looking up to the sky, were many stars. In the distance, many Murkrow were making their nocturnal flight, while the Lunatone followed.

"That's true Master. The stars look amazing!", said Ozzie.

"I know. I haven't seen the night sky like this in ages. And please, you can call me by Mr.", said Romaine.

[i][b]"But then can I still call you my Master?"[/b][/i]

From the other side of the cave, arose a slender pokemon who appeared to be female. She had long arms, with soft fur, and violet eyes, and had every other feminine look, that matched a Mienshao.

"It's been very long Master", said the Mienshao.

"Yes, it has. It's nice to see you again after these ages, Shizuko.", said Romaine. From Ozzie and Soren's point of view, there seemed to be an obvious relation between the two pokemon.

"Ummm..who is she?", said Ozzie curiously.

"This is Shizuko. A former student of mine. She is, a [b]Golden Level Single Exploration Team[/b] member", said Romaine. Every title word emitting from Romaine's mouth, gave envy to both Ozzie and Soren.

"That's cool! I never really got to saw a Golden Rank explorer!", said Soren, approaching Shizuko.
Shizuko just nodded in silence. She then placed her attention towards Ozzie.

"So that Oshawatt? He is the descendant of the two Samurott who tried to bring justice?", she said. Ozzie was just confused, only focused on the anguish of Shizuko.

"Yes. I managed to save him and now he's going to do what you intended to do", said Romaine.

"This boy, he looks quite unusual, but something about him. I don't know, but it's quite unique.", said Shizuko. "I'll check his aura. *Places hand on Ozzie's head*"

After the hand was set upon Ozzie's head, the entire surrounding became quiet, until after 8 seconds, was a shock from Shizuko. She had quite a surprised look.

"No way, this boy.......", said Shizuko. "What is it?", said Romaine. After a while, she shook her head.

"No...I think I'm seeing things. He's just an Oshawatt".

Ozzie was still confused, but he sat down, and continued roasting his meat, while trying to configure what happened. Shizuko also sat down next to Romaine, and they all settled in place.

"Oh yes, I was wondering, about my parents", said Ozzie. "What did they do? How come they were so special?"

After a little silence, Romaine looked a Ozzie with a serious look, and began talking. "Your parents, the exploration team, were part of a bigger team, or should I say, alliance. You see, when Vesaldath tried to overthrow the king, we tried to gather the strongest pokemon in the region to set off an attempt to enforce a coup de etat', to automatically overthrow Vesaldath. However, many were killed. Many were wound. Oh yes, I'm sure you know about the Elemental Elites right?"

Ozzie and Soren nodded.

"Well, there are 17 of them. You can say they are like governors of their type. However, they fell under hypnosis under a council, signaling the beginning of the coup de etat' effort. But the thing is, I was an Elemental Elite, until I was lucky to have left before the hypnosis took place. When I returned, I joined the coup effort, and experienced the defeat of your parents".

Ozzie and Soren still sat there with their meat on their arms, surprised. Ozzie was the first to drop his meat into the campfire. It quickly singed and burned to a crisp. "Wow.....I never knew my Mom and dad had such a history..", said Ozzie.

"I know. I was very lucky to have left. if I hadn't left to take a piss, I could have been engulfed by the spell", said Romaine, and everybody around the campfire had a laugh.

"Still, it was the most ridiculous excuse ever, master", said Shizuko.

"I guess...anyways, it's getting late. the second part of the training begins tomorrow."[/spoiler][/spoiler]

[spoiler=Volume Three: The Ambush]
[spoiler=Chapter 16: Flowers are Red]
The next morning was another brisk day. The sun got up, and the clouds were quickly moving away from blocking the sunlight. The local
Chatot began to depart to find food, while the Castform float away. Ozzie woke up to find outside of the cave that it was wet, and that a storm had passed by. As he looked on, the sun suddenly beamed out, declaring it was a new day.

When everybody was settled in the cave, each person received a cup of tea and some toasted bread with some sorbet. When they finished,
they gathered at the entrance of the cave, to begin the second training.

"Okay children, your next part of your training will be more dangerous than the last.", said Romaine. "Your task, is to head to Cheery Town. Do you remember where it is?"

"Oh yes, I think it was the town above Shadowy Grove", said Ozzie.

"I see. Excellent memory." Romaine took several steps with his rock cane towards the corner. "You are to head to that town, and find the outlaw board. There, you must find any three outlaws, and bring them to justice."

The word, "outlaw", "and bring to justice", surprised Ozzie and Soren, knowing they would have to catch 3 outlaws.

"Wait....we have to capture outlaws?". said Ozzie.

"Why of course. If you really had gotten through my first task, them I'm sure you will accomplish this one.", said Romaine. "Be careful. Outlaws are ranked in letters, like grading. Those classed as "E", or anything low as that, are easy, while those posed around "A", are harder."

"Hhmph...I could capture 10 A rank outlaws...", said Shizuko. She was sitting on a rock next to Romaine, still drinking her tea. Ozzie realized she hadn't left since yesterday's training.

"You're not really involved in this Shizuko.", said Romaine. "You still have things to learn." Romaine made a grim expression and turned back to the two. "When you are done, bring back the collected bounty to show your training is complete."

"Okay sir. We'll be on it!", said Soren. Ozzie examined Soren closely, realizing a change in Soren. He had been more confident, and daring since the cliff situation, and to Ozzie, it looked like he was ready for more. Ozzie himself however, was still unsure.

"Well, I do it, but I'm not sure if we can make it....", said Ozzie.

"I said any outlaw", said Romaine.

"Oh!.........Okay. Well, goobye then!", said ozzie as the two went down the mountain. Ozzie sighed as he didn't have to captured a high level outlaw.

When they arrived to town, they saw Bridge and Aisha from before at their house. The four quickly reunited, greeting each other after yesterday's incident.

"I was so worried! I heard noises and rumors that the Aron and Lairon were forced off their territory!", said Aisha, who was still relieved that they were still alive. "Boy you two are brave. Never as brave as Bridge's father I bet. Why, I rec-"

"Now now Aisha, don't get started here.", said Bridge. "

"Wait, you had a father?", said Ozzie.

"Well duh. everyone has a father. That's why people are born", said Bridge.

"Well it doesn't look like it. We haven't seen him the first time we came into your house.", said Soren. Bridge sighed, and took some steps away, with his head down. After a brief hesitation, he turned back. "Let's come in. Besides, we didn't have the chance to talk", said Bridge.
Aisha immediately responded, changing her expression and rushed towards Bridge to keep pace. Ozzie and Soren just followed. When they entered, they all sat, and Bridge began his long story.

"Have you ever heard of the coup de etat on the original Pokemon King?", said Bridge.

"Not really. I don't know what that word means.", said Ozzie.

"Well, since Vesaldath tried to overthrow the king, a selected couple of Pokemon organized a coup, or plan to overthrow Vesaldath. One of them was my father. He died, but I don;t recall who he was. The description was that he was tall, old, had a big nose, and had some weapon, not a sword, but something else. I don't recall. That was all I heard."

The room went quiet after that, except for the children outside, playing with rocks, and the shopkeepers, who were trying to compete for the best prices.

"When Aisha's mother gave the news, I was angry, and I polished my skills then.", said Bridge.

"Yeah. We took him in and raised him like a family, until my father divorced and left and my mother died of a disease, so we live alone as friends", said Aisha.

"Well that seems sad enough. What do you have to say Ozzie?", said Soren.

Ozzie grew quiet, and the room was silent again. Only this time the kids outside went home, and the customers from the busy markets, left from the area, leaving it quiet. On Ozzie's cheek, was the faintest of tears that slowly streaked down.

"Anything wrong Ozzie?", said Bridge. "I think it is somewhat of a sad story if you think about it."

"Uh......uhuh...No-no...Nothing is wrong. I was just feeling sad for you, that's all.", said Ozzie.

"It's okay Ozzie. It's just a story about us. Don't get so emotional. We live a good life here in this town. We have enough money and food to live off, and everyone is very nice. you don't have to feel sorry for us.", said Aisha.

Suddenly, noises of a mob began to get louder, and louder from a distance, and it did not seem that pleasant.

"That sounds like bad news.....let's go check.", said Soren. they all nodded, and went off. Several blocks down from town, was a mob of Pokemon, who crowded around a bulletin board. Ozzie closely examined it, until he tripped. He got up, and questioned a local.

"Hey, why are the people gathering up here?", said Ozzie.

"Why, it's Cirrus and Lyla! The duo that's been stealing the town's possessions! Those whores keep stealing everyone's valuables and get away with it, and nobody can catch them! We now get word of where they are! Isn't that exciting for revenge?"

Suddenly a gleam caught up in Ozzie's eyes.

"Hey Soren! There's two outlaws! We can capture them for the training!", said Ozzie.
[spoiler=Chapter 17: Empty Sky, Open Ground]
Ozzie tried his best to squirm his way through the crowd, but too many were arguing over the outlaws that someone would pass by. When he finally pushed to the front, he saw it,
"Cloudy Meadows".

"Hey Soren! We have to go to Cloudy Meadow to catch these outlaws! Then we can show Master!", said Ozzie, however his voice was buried in a confused crowd.

"Did you say something about meadows?", said Soren.

"I said, CLOUDY MEADOWS!", shouted Ozzie.

"Alrigh-", said Soren as he is interrupted by an old Shiftry. "Wait, how come you're going after them? You're just kids!"

"Well it's important for us! No time to talk!", said Soren as he left, leaving the old Shiftry puzzled.

When Ozzie and Soren reunited, they frantically searched for the route until they found Bridge and Aisha, who stood outside of the crowd.

"You guys, can you tell us about where Cloudy Meadows is?", said Ozzie.

"Why it's just pas the right of Shadowy Gr-", said Aisha as she couldn't finish her sentence. Already, Ozzie and Soren started running to the route of Cloudy Meadows.

"What the hell are they doing?!", said Bridge and Aisha with comical but surprised expressiosn on their faces.

"We got to find them. They don't know how we had to deal with these Pokemon", said Bridge.

"Okay, but I'm coming too! Last time, I got worried and I think it's best I use my aromatherapy to help.", said Aisha. The two nodded, and ran off to the cloudy Meadows.

Cloudy Meadows was a mystery dungeon which always seemed like it was cloudy. This was because the temperature and surrounding was cold and damp enough to create fog, thick fog that seemed cloudy wherever you went. The grass is very tall, that if any normal small pokemon would go in, they'd be confused in minutes. Lastly, there is almost no trees, except for a few, and several logs laying about. Any Pokemon who'd stumble here, would be immediately lost. For Ozzie, and Soren, they knew nothing about that.

When they reached the entrance of the dungeon, they stopped to catch their breath. Soren was the first to respond.

"So, where do you think we should begin looking?", said Soren.

"I don't know. But really, look at this! No wonder it's called Cloudy Meadows...", said Ozzie, who was staring at the inky blob of what is Cloudy Meadows.

Suddenly, two figures came out behind them, which appeared to be Bridge and Aisha.

"Why did you leave us? How come you are getting these outlaws?", said Aisha, who was also gasping for air.

"Yeah...what's so special anyways? First you've been so interested in getting Chople Berries, now this?", said Bridge.

"Well let's just say, we're doing a favor for someone.", said Soren. Bridge and Aisha finally got up, and exchanged thoughts.

"Was it something from the Elder Slowking?", said Aisha. Ozzie and Soren looked at each other and back, both shaking their heads.

"Nope. We don't know anything about this guy.", said Ozzie.

"Oh. Well, I advise you not to go beyond. You could get lost and, the two outlaws you wanted to dispatch are very dangerous", warned Aisha.

"Well what kind of dangerous?", said Soren.

"They're B rank.", said Bridge. The two were shocked at that moment to see that hey were gonn face something far more than expected.

"Uhh.....if it's okay with you, Soren, and guys, I'm going to go in the meadow now", said Ozzie, who was trying to toughen his courage for the fight ahead. The four of them looked at each other, and soon, there came an agreement.

"Okay. We'll try to stick to each other, and let's try to not get lost, count on it?", said Bridge. They all nodded, and one by one, stepped into the murky grass.

From a distance, on a rare sight, on a tree, were the two pokemon.

[i]"Hey, it's those wretched juveniles we fought earlier along with some cute kids."

"Hehe.....that's unexpected. I think we should warm up a little. It's been some time...."[/i]
[spoiler=Chapter 18: MEADOW PRINCESSES 1/2, Dandelion]
As the four broke out unto the meadow, the fog had taken advantage, as well as the tall tall grass, eventually, splitting the four up.

Ozzie, who was the first to be driven off, found himself in a tight situation. Where he went, the grass just got taller, and thicker. every patch seemed to be the same. In an open area, Ozzie sat down, tired.

"Oh my....where is everybody?", said Ozzie. "I wonder what pokemon are out there in the grass..."

Suddenly a voice came into Ozzie's head.

[i]"Ozzie, don't be worry. Whenever you are lost, give out a signal like using your Water Gun or so. That way, we know where you are at all times."[/i]

It was his mom. A narrow thought but, Ozzie remembered the rule.

"Oh yeah....my mom......if I ever get lost, I should give out a signal...", said Ozzie. He took a step back with this leg, and his cheeks began to enlarge. "Water Gun!"

Suddenly Water ran out of Ozzie's mouth immediately, shooting everything in range, until there was a certain hit. Following, was a shriek.

"Hey, that must be one of them!", said Ozzie as he followed the sound. When he went in, was a open area with several logs laying around.

"Hello? Is anyone in here?", said Ozzie, pondering the area.

"Well of cour- *cough, cough*"

Out of the fog was a small pokemon, covered in cotton. "HEY! Watch where you spray that thing!"

"Wait, you're just a Cottonee...I thought you were one of my friends....", said Ozzie.

"Well don't I get an apology?", said the Cottonee.

"uh...uh..Sorry..Sorry, I didn't mean too!", said Ozzie, who was also pleading for no other scolding. The Cottonee soon managed to calm down.

""Tsk..."sorry", doesn't count it big boy. Anyways, who are you and why the hell are you in a place like this?", said the Cottonee.

"I was gonna say the same for you!"

The Cottonee sighed, and came towards Ozzie. "It can't be helped. Oh well. I'll say it once. My name is Cirrus."

Cirrus waited in shock, but Ozzie expected nothing. "Okay...anyways, I'm looking for an outlaw of some sort that lives here. Have you seen him?", said Ozzie.

Cirrus was suddenly angered. She then placed her leaf hand on Ozzie's mouth, a sign saying no more. "You're such a dumb boy. I'm Cirrus. I'm the outlaw. AND I'M NOT A HIM....."

Ozzie quickly stepped back, paralyzed by the thought of Cirrus a criminal. After a few seconds, he drawn out his Shell.

"Heh? You want to fight? How come? I won;t hurt you, even if I tell you I'm an outlaw.", said Cirrus.

"I'm sorry, *takes stance* but I have defeat you..." ozzie stood with his stance, shaking a little. Cirrus laughed.

"Scared? Well, if you want, I guess I'll teach you a lesson or something."

Cirrus floated up, and she started glowing white. Suddenly, she began to grew as she absorbed plant spores to create a guard that made her thick.

"Come at it!", she said.

Ozzie took no warning and ran straight towards Cirrus, jumped, and launched a critical hit. However, when the damage cleared, Cirrus looked as if, no damage was taken at all.

"What?! How?", said Ozzie.

"Surprised boy? I can guard myself with nearby plant spores and turn then into my own guard. It's called Cotton Guard. And because of type advantages, it's very weak.", said Cirrus.

Ozzie stepped back quickly, after trying to slice Cirrus.

"Okay it's my turn", said Cirrus. Her arms suddenly began to glow green and thicker. "have a taste of my Razor Leaf!" Suddenly Leaf Blades appeared out of Cirrus's hands, while spinning to create a giant storm. Ozzie tried to guard himself, bu one leaf managed to take a hit on Ozzie's hip, creating a cut.

"What?...Oh no...", said Ozzie. His left hip was starting to bleed.

"Hey don't ask. You were in for it boy."[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Chapter 19: MEADOW PRINCESSES 1/2, Orchid]
Meanwhile, on another part of the meadows, Aisha was scrambling around the thick grass, looking for an opening. Already they were lost after 2 minutes of walking.

"Hey! Are any of you guys there?", said Aisha, but there was no reply. "Ugh...those stupid guys. Where could they have wandered off now? We only went several feet in the grass..."

Suddenly a spot of grass rustled, and it came closer and closer to Aisha. The shaking seemed to be from a frantic pokemon.

"What? A wild pokemon?", said Aisha. She turned around and out came a small green pokemon with a tail with a leaf at the end, and big eyes, and it hoped out at Aisha, colliding with each other.


"Oh, I'm sorry, Aisha, I got lost and I didn;t know where I went, then I heard a noise and I came running!", said Soren.

"Well you gotta be careful wherever you're going!", said Aisha. The two got off each other, and sat the on the bent grass in disappointment.

"Well , I can't believe we got into this. I don;t know what you are doing, but is it really worth capturing the two outlaws? They're hard to evade!", said Aisha.

"What do you mean?"

"They're B rank, they fight together, and don't underestimate them. They're fast."

"B rank? Does that mean they're that strong?"

"Well of course. We warned you guys, but I guess you just charged in and we all got lost."

Aisha took a pace left of Soren, and looked at the forest grass beyond, yet there was no sign of anything.

"Oh man...how are we gonna get out of here now....", said Soren. He laid down to think, until an object came unto his eyes. It was a small pokemon with green leaves coming out of it's head.

"Hey, what's that plant over there?", said Soren as he approached it. When he touched it, and automatic reaction came out as it leaped out and it was a Petilil, looking angry.

"Hey! Haven't you ever heard of keeping your hands to yourself?", said the Petilil. Soren quickly stepped back.

"Uh...s-sorry...I didn;t know there was a Pokemon there!", said Soren, who was trying to calm her down. The Petilil calmed down, and came towards Ozzie with a suspicious manner.

"Say, you're kinda small and cute to be in these parts......why are you here?", the Petilil said.

"Uh...We came cause we heard some outlaws hung out here, and we're trying to find them.", said Soren. The Petilil was surprised, and stepped back. She raised her head high, and began talking.

"Well then, it can;t be helped, I am Lyla, the one you are looking for!", she said. After a while, Soren went down laughing.

"Hey what's so funny?", said Lyla.

"Hahah....sorry, it's just that you're too cute and fragile to be a criminal!", said Soren, who still had laughs behind his mouth. Lyla paused, and her cheeks turned red.

"Oh....so you called me cute?"

"Agh....THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!", said Soren. Lyla just laughed back. Suddenly Aisha appeared to see the two arguing.

"Wait....it can't be you Lyla...", said Aisha. A nostalgic tone was in her voice then. Lyla turned back and looked at Aisha.

"Oh....you're that flower girl that fought us as well....and I guess you're here to defeat me with that brat eh?", said Lyla. Lyla then hopped by Soren, and looked at him.

"Sorry, but if you did want to fight again, then be my guest. I, although missing my partner, can still take you both 1 v 2.", said Lyla. Aisha immediately took guard, and looked at Soren.

"Hey Soren! Don't just go head on! Watch out for her attacks!", warned Aisha.

Soren responded by heading into a fighting stance, but already Lyla appeared before Soren.

"Big boy...I'm sorry I have to do this but, forgive me."[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Chapter 20: MEADOW PRINCESSES, Full Fear]
Ozzie went on his knees after retaliating over and over again. Cirrus floated by, laughing at Ozzie.

"Heh....your shell only looks, sharp", said Cirrus. "I think, should we raise up the level?" Suddenly Cirrus began spinning clockwise, until she span as fast as a spinning top. Ozzie got up, ready to guard with his shell.

"Take my Razor Storm!" With no other word, leaves began spinning out of Cirrus in all directions, cutting everything in its path. Ozzie leaped, grass patch to grass patch, but it was only close call for him as he tried to avoid the leaves.

"Hey are you afraid of a little cut?', said Cirrus, still spinning. "Oh wait, you already have one. Well then, ho about some more pain?" Suddenly Cirrus whirled even faster, releasing even more Razor Leaves.

"Gagh......what the hell?", said Ozzie. He tried to block off the leaves, but they would only suffer recoil damage. [i]"How can I avoid all this? She's spinning so fast...I can't run away, and yet the leaves are so sharp...and even physical contact will not do...guess I'll try some other way..."[/i]

Ozzie leaped again to evade another set of Razor leaves. He then jumped on a log, and began to fill his cheeks.

"WATER GUN!" water began running out of Ozzie's mouth and began to hit Cirus once again. "Hey! Didn't I tell you that won't wor-, said Cirrus as she is spurted by a larger amount of water. Cirrus began losing her balance and fell. Ozzie then came at her, only to see Cirrus dizzy.

"Ugh...wh-what...what I-i-iam....that..work.....", said Cirrus, dazed after spinning. Ozzie appeared before

*in progress*[/spoiler][/spoiler]
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It was morning. The Butterfree were scattering around, and numerous Pidove awake from their roost on the sunlight beach. Young Ozzie, was sleeping in his room, when he heard the chirping of the Pidove.

"Ugh.........looks like it's morning", yawned Ozzie, as he stretched up. "Can't forget to bring my lucky shell today", he said as he believed that his shell was ultimately important.

Ozzie went downstairs, where he saw his parents, both Dewotts.

"I'm gonna play with Soren today!", said Ozzie, excited.
"Whoa, hold on there. Please, before you go on, carry a lunch", said Ozzie's dad.
"Here, a whole bag of Oran berries!", said Ozzie's mom, handing Ozzie a bag.

"Thanks Mom and Dad! You guys are the best!", exclaimed Ozzie. "Enjoy yourself!", called both of Ozzie's parents, as Ozzie went out the door.

The sunrise went out fast. Several Dwebble woke up late and scuttled along the beach. Shadows of Wingull roamed the beach. Finally, the local Wailmer kids bounced around the beach, for fun, making belly shaped prints on the sand.

"Ah...I hope Soren is here today....he's been too busy making himself stronger....", murmered Ozzie, as he walked along in a giddy mood. Finally, Ozzie reached a quaint house on the shore. Ozzie knocked, and soon came a Snivy.

"Good morning Ozzie..", yawned Soren, wiping his eyes after waking up.
"Come on! I brought Oran berries today!", exclaimed Ozzie, holding the bags of Oran berries.

After a peaceful morning, Soren and Ozzie had on the coastline and looked out while eating a bunch of Oran berries.

"Mmm....Soren, why do you train all day behind your house?", asked Ozzie.

"Isn't it obvious? I want to be strong like the other strongest pokemon in the world", replied Soren.

"Well, it looks like you're not fit for the deal yet.."
"..!...Still, I want to be like those pokemon that are strong. I want to be like the,"
"Well...good luck in thousands of years."
"Tsk. Ozzie...don't you have something to dream about?"
"Meh. I wanna enjoy-"

Suddenly a man passes towards the two. The two were quite astonished. The man had white boots and gloves, each with arm blades. He red, gold tipped shoulders resemble shoulder pads. His thighs are circular and red colored and progressively get thinner as they connect to the feet.
He wore a red and golden helmet, with a blade running down the middle. Finally, he had two blades on his chest, resembling a ribcage. The two never saw the pokemon before. He had his hands behind his back, as he was polite in one manner.

"Excuse me, but my name is Shuthal. Where are the parents of Ozzie?", he asked.

Ozzie was surprised, but stepped forward.

"Eh...uh..M-my my parent are down there..sir", said Ozzie, pointing to his house.

Shuthal, behind the helmet, was of the faintest of smiles.

"Thank you very much children. Oh yes, I think you should leave. I'll have to talk with your parents, and it is private.", said Shuthal.

"Uh..O-okay sir.",said Soren.

Shuthal slowly walked away, and soon into Ozzie's house. "That guy was sure scary", said Soren.
"What did he want at my house anyways?"
"I dunno. Anyways, Let's go back to my house I-"

Suddenly, there was a huge shriek. Ozzie dropped his Oran berries and heard it was from his house

Basicly, in the above chapter you wrote, i chenged most of the saids. There were to much. Never use said alot. Also, halfway you changed the tense. So, i decided to fix it up above. I like everything else though. Especially the description you used to describe Shuthal. Keep going.
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I see some grammatical errors.

It was morning. The Butterfree were [b]scattering[/b][u]fluttering[/U] around, and numerous Pidove [b]aw[u]o[/u]ke[/b] from their roost on the sunli[b]gh[/b]t beach. Young Ozzie[b],[/b] was sleeping in his room, when he heard the chirping of the Pidove.

I boldedthe part you should change/remove, and the underlined bits where the small changes I made.
It now read.

It was morning. The Butterfree were fluttering around, and numerous Pidove awoke from their roost on the sunlit beach. Young Ozzie was sleeping in his room, when he heard the chirping of the Pidove.

It looks a bit better now.
Of course, there are a few more, but I don't really have time to go through 'em.
Just, before publishing, proof-read, and if something doesn't look right, change it.

Seems interesting, and much more different than the PMD fic I intend to write, as the plot seems more outrageous than the customary "A human wakes up a Pokemon"
Good luck for Chapter 2! :D

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1st of all, lol@dead,killing&bleedingPkmn.

The Grammar you used was quite bad, not only that but the dialogs are kinda hasty and boring aswell imo.

Sorry about the harsh critiques, but you asked my opp.

Anywho I have to admit it is a refreshing interpetation of PMD.

Overal it wouldn't be something I'd read, but still has some potential.
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[quote name='Lexadin' timestamp='1306089899' post='5225461']
1st of all, lol@dead,killing&bleedingPkmn.

The Grammar you used was quite bad, not only that but the dialogs are kinda hasty and boring aswell imo.

Sorry about the harsh critiques, but you asked my opp.

Anywho I have to admit it is a refreshing interpetation of PMD.

Overal it wouldn't be something I'd read, but still has some potential.

Thanks for the comment. I don't care, but I type horrible. Sometimes I misuse grammar and tense and it gets kinda mixed up. I think there are some typos in there too. Well I hope you can read this more in the future.

BTW the appropriate term is criticize.
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[quote name='Yugiohbakuganpokemon' timestamp='1307357919' post='5260378']
Whens Volume 3 gonna come out?
[s]Now 70%[/s]

I'm on a hiatus so I'll think a lot about Volume 3 and its contents. Until then I'll post every chapter here on then, and I'll fix the syntax from here on out.
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