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I'm bored so heres a contest


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titles self explanatory



all YCM rules apply

you must be 3*+ to join

fee 10 points



1st 3 reps

2nd 1 rep

3rd 10 points

4th the shame of knowing your a failure


contestants 0/8

- <~BlackFire~>



how this will work

the contest is 2 rounds

the contestants shall be reduced to 3 in the 1st round

the 2nd shall decide the order of victory

the first round requirements are here linked here

either make a synchro, tuner or ideal synchro material for these cards

post the word "Potato" in your entry to check you know this stuff



or not, it's your choice

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My card =D

Symphonic Warrior Baand




A 'Symphonic' Tuner + One or more Non-Tuner monsters

You may Remove from Play one 'Symphonic' Tuner to increase the Level of this card equal to the Removed monster; this increase lasts until the End Phase. While this card is in the Graveyard, increase the Level of all Machine-Type Tuners by one. By Removing this card from Play you can Special Summon any number of 'Symphonic' Tuners from you Remove from Play Zone.

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