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That's a lot of Characters. Although you did manage 8 quite well. :-S Oh well

Added an Ability bit, such as Magic and such. Mainly because Ansem doesn't have any weapons so to speak, but can manipulate Darkness.


[spoiler=Because you said I could]Name: Ansem the Wise

Age: ???(Does anyone know? At all?) Looks roughly 50.

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ansem_the_Wise.png

Species: Human

Allegiance: The Lost

Weapon(s)/Ability(s): Can manipulate Darkness, using it primarily as a Defence against attacks. Can also change his appearence and use Dark Corridors Proficiently.

Personality: Ansem is a very Intelligent and focused man, easily obsessed with his Ideals. He will rarely change his Opinion, and is very stubborn. At first, he has a very limited perpective of the world, refusing to acknowledge that Nobodies can ever exist((He and Reclixa aren't going to get along)), and can find it hard to have his view altered. When betrayed, he can become almost mindless, and will plot revenge endlessly - as shown by his feelings towards Xehanort. He will laugh at the strangest things, and will regularly hide what he is truely feeling. Although he is regularly seen as a strict and uptight individual, he can be kind and friendly, being very close to King Mickey. He has a large streak of Jealousy, and has, although he doesn't realise, a 'the grass is always greener on the other side' kind of mind.

Ansem is obsessed with machinary and can create large and complex amounts of Technology relatively quickly. He is very fond of Sea Salt Ice cream, and is also obsessed with researching the Heart and how it works. (Anything else? I've gone Blank T-T)

Bio: Link To Wiki Page: http://kingdomhearts.wikia.com/wiki/Ansem_the_Wise

Written(well, Typed) Bio: Will do soon. Got to go.

World of Origin: Radient Garden.


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Guest Codename: Lady

Needs some work. And I would like an actual bio instead of just referring to the wiki page (but keep the link up).

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