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Volcanic Eruption!! (Please Comment)


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[align=center]They're not exactlly complete. Whenever I have any updates, I'll be sure to post them here. I originally tried to make the set but, I never finished. As you can see right here. Well here they are tell me your true opinion.






Credit 2 Tehodis, Thanks :P









More Coming Soon...



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Guest JoshIcy

ummm your first mistake is HUGE... you spelt soldier wrong....


VS- shirosuki: you might have a few rule breaks on that card, if you see where it is fix it plz... 8/10


vs-pyranox: ive got a feeling dj or someone else is gonna see the ocg error, but its not critical the cards fine as is.. 9/10


vs-despereaux: pretty good but fire decks can use that card like no bodys buisness... and great card to implement catapult turtle into some burn decks, 7/10


vs-kobaar: reminds me of guardian baou... slightly overpowerd in todays game, umm... 8/10


overwealming flames: good card, and not a bad dark world card... throws off your set a but though... 9/10


mechanical armor: maybe some ocg errors im not sure, but as is its a 10/10....


vs- mashiro: wow... :shock: underpowerd..... 4/10


lavaboarding: overpowerd... i can name a few easy to summon high ATK monsters that can make this card on the banned list so fast you'd choke in it..... 3/10


overall: about 7/10...

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