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[quote name='Gorbor25' timestamp='1301085855' post='5096023']
Bad OCG, Over powered, If it has a effect, use a effect card design.

Im not trying to be mean, im just speaking the truth.
I agree. Make it an effect card. Also, proper terminology is: "This card cannot be destroyed by battle nor the effects of monsters". Otherwise, GREAT card name and design.
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Here we go:

Name: Don't write in all caps, it ruins the name. It would've been good if you hadn't. 6/10

Picture: The picture is probably the best thing about this card, but I don't understand why you chose it. 9/10

Attribute: Water? Why? Something like earth or dark would fit. The name and pic have nothing to do with water. 7/10

Type: "moster" isn't a real type, and you misspelled it too. You didn't even put a capital letter! 0/10

Card type: Normal isn't the card type for a card with an effect. You should know that by now! 0/10

OCG: Your phrasing is incorrect. It should be "This card can not be destroyed by battle or by monster card effects." You did it completely wrong. 3/10

Description: Boring. Wrong. Not the right description for a normal. It's really bland too. 1/10

Creativity: This is incredibly boring. All it is an effect not to be destroyed. Could you get any less creative? 1/10

Balance: Way overpowered. a 4000 ATK with no downsides and a non-destroyed effect? Really? 0/10

Other: I don't know what you were thinking when you wrote the set ID, circulation, and other, but it looks ridiculous. 2/10

So, overall, your average rating is 2.9/10. Not too good.
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[quote name='.:Gister Knows:.' timestamp='1301111767' post='5097052']
i know just posted this for fun

Then why'd you ask us to rate it?

If you make a card for fun, either don't post it, or put it in joke cards.

Well, that's what I say, anyways
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