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The Lost World of Jurrasic Park!

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[spoiler='What this is, how this works, rules on joining, And just plain rules']
Ok since I am a huge fan of jurrasic park I decided to start a club. The catch is that we arent discussing jurrasic park, but we are roll playing as if we are the dinosaurs on the island! We will have a wall of fame and games and locations!

-No Spam nor flaming allowed
-Please no making fun of other users
-Stay on topic of jurrasic park roleplay
-No "killing/eating" other users if you catch ma drift
-Only hall of fame members are allowed to access all locations
-People who live in the ocean cannot access all areas
-Breaking rules will lead to banning
-Breaking rules once = warning
-Breaking rules twice = one week ban (yellow)
-Breaking rules thrice = one month ban (brown)
-Breaking rules 4 times = one year ban (orange)
-Breaking rules 5 times = permanent ban (red)
[spoiler='When joining']
-You must choose a dinosaur that exists to be in this roleplay (D)
-You must choose a home location to live in. (H)
-Select an age group out of baby, teenager, or Adult (this can only be changed twice unless in hall of fame)(A)
-Choose a nickname for yourself (N)
-(for babys and teens only) parent (P) please confirm with person you wish to be your parent before adding them[/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler]

[spoiler='Location descriptions']
The ocean: This area is found in the depths of the ocean no duh. However living in these buetifull waters has a price, because of overadaption you must live in these waters indefinitley.

Original theme park: This was the enire island off abandoned bulidings and gate areas. The dinosaurs have adapted to these conditions and live there.

Hillside island: This island is now infested with dinosaurs on different edges of the massive mountain

Mini island: This an extremely small island. only around the size of a shopping mall, but for an island, yea not that big.

Sand dune desert: Just a big clump of sand really. Yes there are many clear water supplies.

Clear land: This island is just new. Though big, it only contains small lakes and moss. Its still very peacefull.[/spoiler]

[spoiler='Island Inhabitants']
-Newfie Kuriboh Shark D:T-rex A:Adult N:Tyronewfie
ExplosiveCrossbow D:Triceratops A:Adult N:EC[/spoiler]
[spoiler='Original theme park']
Shion Kaito D:Spinosaurus A:Adult N:spino[/spoiler]
[spoiler='Hillside island']
[spoiler='Mini island']
[spoiler='San dune desert']
[spoiler='Clear land'][/spoiler]

[spoiler='Banned members']

[spoiler='Hall of fame']
for: creating the club[/spoiler]
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[quote name='ExplosiveCrossbow' timestamp='1301185735' post='5098999']
Me join on ocean
just look at first post first spoiler. its below

[quote name='Shion Kaito' timestamp='1301186040' post='5099011']
Sounds fun, count me in :D

Dinosaur (D): Spinosaurus
Location (H): Original Theme Park
Age Group (A): Adult
Nickname (N): Spino
welcome, to jurrasic park *jurrasic park theme plays*

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