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Cthulhu, Destroyer of worlds.


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This monster is also treated as a Beast, Winged Beast and Sea Serpent-Type. This monster cannot be destroyed by Spell Cards, and can only Attack every 5 turns. Every turn, put one "Tentacle" token on this monster. When this monster has 35 "Tentacle" tokens, remove it from play, and then you receive 1500 lifepoints. If this monster is summoned by tribute, then it's ATK and DEF is decreased by 1000.

I wanted to say sacrifice, but I heard that tribute is the new sacrifice. So, whatever.

For some reason, YCM isn't letting anything come in or out. (as in won't let upload images, won't upload to photobucket or w/e.)

This is the pick I wanted to use: [img]http://www.rlyeh.nl/images/cthulhu_800.jpg[/img]

Edit: Fixed some OCG.
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