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tag team dueling

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How it Works


1. Lifepoints


All four duelists start with 8000 LPs. If a player loses all of his/her LP's, that team loses.


2. Decks


Everything here is the same as a normal duel, using 40+ cards etc.


3. Turns


Let's pretend we've got two teams dueling, Team 1, and Team 2. The first member of Team 1 goes first. Then the first member of Team 2 goes next. After that, the second member of Team 1 goes first, and then the second member of Team 2. Hope you got all that. Let's spell it out in English for you:




TEAM 1 MEMBER 2 > TEAM 2 MEMBER 2 > Repeat


4. Effect Cards


If you play a card that affects all monsters, it only affects the Duelist you choose. Raigeki will destroy all monsters on whichever of you're opponent's field you choose. Harpies Feather Duster destroys all of the chosen opponent's Magic/Trap cards. For things like dark hole, you destroy all of your own monsters, and a selected opponent's monsters. Get it?


When using cards that activate due to an opponent's move, it only affects the attacking opponent. This happens with cards such as Mirror Force.


5. Protecting


Yeah! You CAN protect your partner! But there's a stipulation here. Firstly, you can only protect your partner if he is being attacked directly. Secondly, when protecting your partner, the card you use must be FACE UP. It doesn't matter what mode it is in though. From there, everything else works as normal!

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Me and HORUS do it this way:


You see who goes first by seeing what everyones bottom card is. (Highest ATK goes first.) Starting from the first person, the order would look something like a zig-zag-N-like shape. Pretty much the same thing Tkill93 said.


You can do seperate life points (8000) per duelist or combined (16000) per team.


If you were to use Raigeki (can't because its banned and we use advanced format) every monster your opponents control is destroyed. EVERYONE of them! Likewise, with Card Destruction, everyone draws a new hand. With Dark Hole, every monster on every player's field is destroyed. But with, say, Robbin' Goblin, that effect would only work on the player you attack.


You can't really protect you partner. But you can use effects to protect them. Like, Negate Attack when they are being attacked. Also, you can't attack a player directly as long as you or your partner have at least one monster on their side of the field.


Hope that made sense. If it doesn't, you can as me to ellaborate or you could ask HORUS :D

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This way was posted by 4Kids, but it doesn't have any official value, this was just an idea, here is it:


+ Each player needs their own Deck, 2 players make a team.

+ Each team shares 8000 Life Points. When they drop to 0 your team loses.

+ Take turns in this order: Team A?s Player 1 >> Team B?s Player 1 >> Team A?s Player 2 >> Team B?s player 2 (This is the first player who can make an attack.)

+ You can Tribute your partner?s monsters for your cards or Tribute Summons.

+ Cards that say ?your opponent?s side of the field? mean both opponents. So if each of your opponents had two face-up monsters out, ?Lightning Vortex? would destroy all four of them!

+ You can?t attack the other teams' Life Points directly unless neither of them have a monster.

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I have on one occasion participated in a 3 vs. 3 duel, all six of us had our own field, our own set of 8000 LP and our own decks with 40+ cards. The aim was to knock out the other team, and our stratergy was 2 of us attack one guy, and the other defends himself so we can't lose as easily if it backfires. If one person got knocked out, they were the only one out, not the whole team. Unfortunately, this duel was never completed, as we had to go back to class... :(

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You think a 3v3 is insane, I was once in a 2v2v2. It was horribly fun, as in fun, but at the same time... well I dunno, I'm not good with words.


Basically, its' got the strategy of a tag duel mixed with the sheer madcap action and diplomacy (ie. backstabbing) of a triangle duel. We played seperate graveyards and fields, and it was insane knowing that there was, in total, about ten Sakuretsu Armors in total in your opponents' decks.


BEST MOMENT EVER: Four people chaining Ring of Destruction to the other guys' Ring of Destruction, so the field was nuked and our Life Points were the smaller part of 1000, and THEN my partner, running burn, chains Just Desserts. Hilarity on the rules of chaining ensued and we ended up declaring it a draw because I had to go home XD.

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Yeah... that's why I like the Tag Triangle duel. That was its' more like 2 v 4, while the 4 are always making sure nobody's backstabbing... at least you got a partner to help out then.


(Random Note: I've been stalking TO around the site for 15-20 mins now, just replying to everything he posts XD)

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UDE have released official Tag Rules.


1 Team 1 Person A

2 Team 1 Person B

3 Team 2 person A

4 Team 2 person B


8000lp each person. Different fields. And that's about it.


Also, you CANNOT attack a player directly until you've attacked all other monsters on BOTH opponent's fields.


Yeah. The rules suck.


Btw good to be back.

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I was in a 1 v 1 v 1 v 1 v 1 v 1, and damn did it take forever. 2 people quit after the first hour. Then later some guy just threw his cards and said he hated this game. Minutes after, another guy just leaves, after losing to a Dark Necrofear. Then it was just me and yet another fellow duelist. I lost though. So my advice is to make a 4+person duel fast or you might get bored.

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