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Final Fantasy Tactics

Just Crouton

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[i]"The game takes place in a medieval-inspired kingdom called Ivalice following the nation's defeat in the Fifty Years' War. Ivalice is a kingdom divided along class lines: great noble families such as House Beoulve rule over masses of peasants. This aristocratic class holds much of the real power of the country, with lords ruling directly over provinces of Ivalice as their personal fiefs while the monarchy is weaken by intrigue. Though the real power in Ivalice is the Murond Glabados Church, based around the divinity of the Christ-like Saint Ajora Glabados, with its military arm the Temple Knights. Using manipulation and plotting, the Church is pulling the strings to create disorder in Ivalice and to defeat the secular powers. However, the Church's plot is just a cover for a far more sinister plan that threatens the very existence of Ivalice itself. "[/i] -FF wiki


No dungeons, no 3 hour cutscenes, no deep story-telling that tries to be more than it is. This is Final Fantasy Tactics. A game where you can seduce enemies into joining your army, steal their weapons, grind 99 levels in a single battle. Gameplay takes priority over complex story-telling in this game. You spend more time playing the game than watching an interactive storybook.

This game also has the best soundtrack in the series. The music is really dark when it wants to be dark, and really happy when it wants to be happy.

In addition to the Playstation 1 release, it was ported to the PSP with new jobs and unlockable FF12 characters. There are also cutscenes

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