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CnC on some Tag's made last week or two.


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So, hey all, some ppl might remember me some might not, i'm coming back n forth to this forum to check things and to see how the gfx section is going ^^
I gave up photoshop for 1 year or so, but i started making some tags a while ago. Here are my newest pieces, CnC please, no trolling flaming etc.

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God Gak! I remember you! You got me into making tags man!

Anyways, most of them are over-sharpened which kind of ruins the quality of the effects. Also, the borders aren't in "style" no more if you know what I mean, the cool kids have moved on haha..

Also, centred focals on a few of them. They don't really work well with tags.. It's best to keep them on the left or right..

As for the rest, I suggest you just work a little more on depth, lighting and making the focal the actual focal. If you get where I'm coming from.

However, some good work there. Just work a little on improving it..:)

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I aint actually returning just checking the Showcase section once in a while :D
My style has remained mostly the same, background --> render --> create smude BG from render --> c4d spam --> depth --> blending --> borders, end :P

@Hoci, glad to see that i inspired you ^^ the last tag is oversharpened because i wanted to make "double depth", i wanted to make the arrow-bow look to the front, archer a bit further behind and the background behind. As for the focal, i have noticed it too, only recently started making the focal @ left/right. The last 3 tags were my most recent just to let you know, the first 3 were some months ago, just felt like posting them altogether :D

I'm gonna post hopefully 1 tag a day for CnC, so hope to get back to image editing and card making in the future :)

EDIT: btw, i use borders for myself to separate the image from the background in an easier way cuz it annoys me to contrast my tag with a white/blue w/e background a forum has :P

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I remember you, VERY vaguely, it was when I was when I first started tag making.
You have a nice style, a lot of potential i must say.
Although you need to work on control. The quality can be better, the C4D's and fx are not meshing.
You can manipulate depth and flow, this is good, although with no control (random c4d's and misplaced/unneeded fx) destroys every tag. If I were to give you advice I'd say your next goal should be to make a tag with absolutely no C4D's.
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I think I remember you but I think you don't even know me, not by this name at least.

Anyway, I'd say all the tags are really old school.
The last one is definitely the best out of these. All the rest are either plain, monotone, messy or lack in basics.
I'd say work on your colors, the colors chosen on these tags aren't very appealing to the eye nor do they blend too well together...
Also, text and borders. Although you're old'ish style kind of explains them, but try to stay away from them. Borders very very rarely fit in a tag, and text should be only done when you're really good at it, not even then always.

Hope this helped.
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