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Beast-Type Support (Started -- 1 week left) ... Desperate ... Twin Seed v Saroku

Twin Seed

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Either and effect monster or a magic, s'long as it helps Beast-Type monsters in some way.


PM me your card.


I challenge the first person that I get a card from.


The winner gets 1 +rep. The winner is determined by whoever has the most points after a week's time.


The cards will be rated based on balance, creativity, and how well they support Beast-Type monsters.


You have a week to get a card in to me.






Twin Seed

[spoiler=Card] 191026d.jpg

[spoiler=Lore] This card cannot be Normal Summoned, except by Tributing 1 Beast-Type monster you control. You can remove from play 1 Beast-Type monster on your field to Special Summon this card from your hand in face-up Attack Position. This card cannot attack during the turn it is Special Summoned. During your opponent's Damage Step, flip a coin:

-Heads: You can Tribute this card to negate the attack of 1 Level 5 or lower monster. You can remove from play this card and 1 Level 4 or higher monster you control to negate the attack of 1 Level 8 or lower monster.

-Tails: Randomly discard 1 card from your hand. If the card is a Spell or Trap Card, increase the ATK of all Beast-Type monsters by 400. If the card is a Monster Card, randomly discard 1 card from your opponent's hand and decrease your Life Points by 400. During your End Phase, if this is the only card you control, switch control of this card to your opponent and draw 2 cards.





[spoiler=Card] 206266.jpg

[spoiler=Lore] Once per turn, select 1 face-up monster your opponent controls. Equip the selected monster to this card. This monster gains ATK equal to the equipped monster's original ATK. You can send 1 monster equipped to this card to Special Summon 1 Beast-Type monster from your hand, Deck, or Graveyard. (Only 1 monster maybe equipped to this card at once.)



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