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Death and Deception [IRL]

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Deck: 41

Monsters: 24

1x Dark Armed
1x DH Plasma
1x PSZ
1x BW Gale
3x Dee psea Diva
2x Zombie Master
3x Goblin Zombie
2x Pyramid Turtle
2x Spirit Reaper
1x Mizuki
2x Shutendoji
2x Cursed Pali Dragon
1x Sangan

Spells: x12

3x Zombie World
3x Book of Life
1x Dark Hole
1x Trunade
1x Foolish
1x Card Destruct
1x MST
1x Bait Doll

Traps: 5

1x MF
2x Cylinder
2x Karma Cut

Synchro: 15

3x Doomkai
1x Revived King
1x Brio
1x Mist Wurm
1x Stardust
2x Red Dragon
2x Red Nova
1x Dark End Dragon
1x Iron Chain Dragon
2x Ancient Fairy Dragon

The main goal of this deck is almost the same as any generic zombie. Except it runs off of a diva engine of sorts.

I couldn't think of another monster to throw in place of Paladin of Cursed Dragon (he was a light and it keeps the grave from being overrun by darks for dark armed). open to suggestions (maybe another Turtle and a zombie master? or a couple getsu fuma?)

Aside from book of life. I decided to throw some extra RFG power in with Karma Cut since it's like a nobleman that works from grave instead of deck (which grave power is becoming a bigger and bigger thing each format.

Shuten is in not only because he keeps the dark power down, but because they can RFG my zombies all they want. he can return them to deck to be played again and brings plague and mizuki back for another shot at glory.

Diva not only serves as a quick Red nova, but also as fodder for summoning plasma. with diva it's easy to pull 3 monsters to the field for plasma and knock out effects for a turn or 2 to get something more together.

I chose bait doll over monster reborn because zombies has no real need for reborn with all the grave summon power it already has. Bait doll knocks out cards like mirror force and BTH and D-Prisons, and such, then, it shuffles back into the deck for another use.

The synchros are kind of basic for zombies. considering all are easy to bring out, on top of that, synchro power also makes great DaD Fodder if he's out. in 1 turn DaD has already pulled about 8 or 9 destruction effects

Mist wurm is relatively simple. He pops 3 cards back to hand. good for about 1 use unless it's game.

Brio throws away zombie bait. (DaD summon, Mizuk's, PSZ, ZM summons)

Dark end is basicly there as a "Screw you MBaaS, Stardust, PMD, and such" since his effect isn't destruction.

Red Nova is Red Nova..... He can't be destroyed by opp's card effects, he can negate any 1 attack.... and come on. he can't be BTH'd (has to destroy before it RFG's).... unfortunately things like D-Prison, BoM and such can still touch him

Iron chain is very essential to the deck. He can throw away monsters from the opp's deck that doomkai can bring back

Revived king can make all the difference in a duel. With zombie world down everything is a zombie and your zombies neg effects like tomatoes, and sangan

Lastly. Fairy dragon. Normally i don't waste my time with fairy dragon unless i'm low on life. I NEVER use it's summon effect in zombies because if i did. I would use it for synchro power and am out an attacking turn which could be used for the synchro to attack (i.e. Mist wurm). Instead, I use it to destroy zombie world (or the opponent's field spell, if any) to gain 1k life and pull zombie world to hand.

That's my zombies in a nut shell. fix it? tweak it? tell me what you think.
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