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Nuestra Belleza Latina (Our Latin Beauty)

Rias Gremory

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Well if you are Latin you know there is a contest/reality show called La Belleza Latina. Only Latin Girls can participate. They audition, some get choosen and the ones that get choosen go and face a couple of challanges. Then the 12 finalists go to Beauty Mansion on Miami and compete for the Crown!
I love this Reality Show!

GO Nicole! She is Colombian where I'm from!

Soo Discuss!

Also you can watch it on Univision Channel 9 or 442 (HD) if you have Comcast (sorry don't know for other cables). The schedule is Sundays at 8:00pm. You can watch it on English too if you can't speak Spanish. You may watch it on English on CC3 Option I think.

For Guys: Remember that the Latina Girls are the hottest so you won't regret watching it!
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