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Bleached (Bleach RPG) +Points for dedication and ranking up!

Lunar Origins

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First things first- YCM rules will always apply here.

Second things third- This is a Bleach RPG. If you do not know about Bleach, I suggest you look into it before coming here. It's considered one of the "Big Four" of anime (Beside Naruto, One Piece & Yu-Gi-Oh!)

In this RP, different people will take on different roles- Some as the Espada/Arrancar army, the others as the Soul Society. In this universe, though, NONE of the original characters from the anime existed. We play our OWN characters and make our OWN story. No Hogyuko, (But YES, there are Espada... plot hole, perhaps?) no Ichigo, and definitely no Aizen. This RP takes place within Hueco Mundo and the Soul Society. I will hand out points to players who post in this thread based off of-

-Quality of Posts




and so on. Depending on the amount of points you have recieved, you may qualify to register in a monthly Jackpot. Of course, we would need donations for one of those.

Before you are able to join in game, you must first [u][b]APPLY[/b][/u]. This is done by sending me a private message with the character template filled out.

The template is is:

[quote]Character Name: Insert Name Here
Character Disposition:
Character Image/Description:
Brief History:
Zanpakutou/Arrancar/Hollow Powers:

Please be descriptive in your application. And PLEASE use good grammar.

Depending on circumstance, I may appoint Mods to this thread. While technically not forum mods, they have the power to ban users from this thread indefinitely, or hand out warnings. They may also make changes to the story.

If a High-Ranking spot is open, you may apply for it, but you must donate points to the community pot.

Now for the rankings.

Soul Society-

Div. 1:[color="#008000"][b]Kindred (Game OP)[/b][/color] (Character: Akai)
Div. 2:
Div. 3:
Div. 4:
Div. 5:
Div. 6:
Div. 7:
Div. 8:
Div. 9:
Div. 10:
Div. 11:
Div. 12:

All except one are empty. One is reserved for Administrators. If a spot is empty, it is filled in by an NPC.

Arrancar Espada ranks:

#1[color="#008000"][b]Kindred (Game OP)[/b][/color] (Character: Nil)

All except one are empty. One is reserved for Administrators. NPC fills empty spots.

Other Players:

Soul Society:






Community Pot: [u][b]0 Points.[/b][/u]

You may now apply.

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