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volocanic/ Phoenix burn deck - plz rate and help

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monsters - 20


2| Volcanic Doomfire

2| Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys


3| Volcanic Scattershot

3| Volcanic Blaster

3| Ufo turtle

2| hand of nephtys

1| sangan

2| solar flare dragon

2| ragging flame sprite


spells - 12


1| heavy storm

1| mystical space typhoon

1| lightning vortex

1| pot of avirice

1| premature burial

3| blaze Accelerator

2| wild fire

2| tri - blaze accelerator


traps - 8


2| volcanic recharge

1| call of the haunted

2| jar of greed

2| backfire

1| return soul

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You should take all the Draw cards out and replace them with other cards that will help more.


I know people thinks that those draw cards are goo but if you dont have jar of greed in you deck you wont need to use its effect in the first place. Heres a good exsample


You getting ready to draw. Heres how your deck is stacked at that moment.


top two card


Top: Jar Of Greed

Next: A card you need


Okay so you draw and you get Jar Of Greed. And now you have to put it face down so you set it and wait for a chance to activate it. NOW you get the card you wanted.


Now with out "Jar of greed" heres the way you deck is stacked at the moment.


Top: The card you need

Next: another card you may need.


I hope you agree becuase I hate typing and I took time out of my life to exsplane what I'm talken about.

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yer i agree with with u, but the only reason i have it in my deck is to lower the number of cards in my deck , coz i av 5 cards in my deck tht put cards back into my deck- so if you do the math thats 18 cards i av get to put back into my deck. so if i draw jar of greed its ok coz ill play the next as soon as i can. Alsoim gonna take one out coz i want to give my blaze acelerator more food.

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jrdudedj, your logic is flawled. Here's a much more precise way to look at things:


Cards in deck (with Jar): 20


Top: Jar

2nd: Snatch Steal


7th: Mirror Force.


You set Jar, draw Snatch, and here's the NEW part, your deck is one card thinner. You might not have gained any ADVANTAGE, per se, but your deck is now 1 card thinner. Thats' a slight, yet possibly decisive, advantage.



Nice deck, Maddog. I just think that it won't work, as Volcanic Doomfire REQUIRES his own deck; he can't be splashed.


And also currently you only have five cards for NORMAL Blaze Accelerator food. Thats' not good.

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thats the reason for volcanic recharge. also blaze accelerator is their for wild fire. heres the kwl combo

blaze accelerator+ wild fire during ur opponents end phase equals no monsters to stand up to u during ur turn. now play hand of nephese with wild fire to bring out pheonix, n if ur opponent use a spell or trap to kill it, its back next turn plus it gets rid of all spell n trap. then play another blaze accelerator + volcanic scatter shot to get rid of monsters again. once this hase happened your opponent is locked down.

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