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4 new Emergence of Darkness Cards


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4 cards from my personal set - Emergence of Darkness



I see this card as a bit of Monarch abuse maybe. I didnt realise its full potential until my friend played a playset of it in a Monarch deck. Can we say "OWN3D"?



Think 'The A. Forces' for Machine monsters. Cyber Dragon swarm has a lot of potential to be even more beatstick worthy.



This common Scapegoat card, while not as flashy or numerous as its inspiration, can save in a pinch. Unfortunately, being a common card, it's ability to be destroyed is its downfall. Take out the trap, take out the tokens. This card is really combo-able with the next card...



Dark Hole with draw power. Emergence of Darkness prides itself on its Dark-Type monsters, TV release cards, and new ways to draw cards and thin out the ole' deck. Cards from a Different Dimension was useful, and this one works too if you feel like clearing the field.

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Some grammar errors, but not too bad!

Try and improve on the uniqueness of the effects you choose, because some of these are a little plain... :/

For effort, you did a pretty good job! Next time, just put in a little more time in making your cards, in order to receive higher ratings from other members. Keep up the good work! :)

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