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EROD Duel Academy!!!! It's awesome come join!


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Hey guys, what's up?! This is an ad [:( lol] for my own little Duel Academy, the EROD [Eclectic Reign of Duelists] Basically, well, it's got everything you'd want out of a normal duel academy! It has three dorms:


Mobius Blue: The Mobius Blue Dorm is for the more advanced duelists. These advanced players sharpen further their skills as a duelist and help others.


Zaborg Yellow: Zaborg Yellow is for intermediate students who still have to hone their skills before being great.


Granmarg Brown: Granmargs are the beginners, they have a ways to go before they become great. But this doesn't mean that they can't do it!


In order to join, you don't even have to have been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! for eighty-three years, you could be completely new to the game and join! That's what the EROD's for, to teach you and help you become the best duelist possible!


We even have other classes too, but you have to join up in order to know!


The first few people to sign up will get moderator priviledges/teaching jobs! So sign up quickly!!!


Here's our forums, they're moderately premature, but in a few days they could be seriously awesome! [Link Removed by Admin]


So come on in and sign up!!!!

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Mods: Slime Lord' date=' Wicket?[/quote']

Can't argue with that 8)

How many mods do you plan to have?


Well' date=' basically, if we make a library, we could have users post articles or whatnot, and you could be the moderator of that section, you could approve articles, promote articles, whatever [/quote']


Sure. I'm assuming this would like General or something of that nature?

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cool do you guys all want teaching and mod status?


YES PLEASE! :mrgreen:


That's a bit sad that you think being a Mod is so great.


Anyway, good luck to you, but I must protest that you really can't advertise hear UNLESS you advertise us on your site, I hope you'll put up some sort of link of association. Like on your fantasy cards, contests and sets forums.

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