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Cursed Dead - my first in a LONG time.


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So I made a new card. It has been about 2 months or so since I made one, and longer still since I have posted a card on the forum.


I couldn't think of any good names, but the idea of the card is for Zombie Swarm Decks, which I have recently gotten WAY into.


So here it is: Cursed Dead.



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Very Zombie Swarmish if I do say so myself. :D


Two things though.


One: Random space in 'effect'. Either the image is messed up (it's happened to me before), or it was just an accident. I don't know. :P


Two: I think it would be the effect of a Zombie-type monster. I'm not 100% sure on that though.


EDIT: Wow, at the same time I posted my post, two appeared above it that say the same thing. Weird...


And I see you changed your name back.

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