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Runescape Question


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ok well in runescape im a level 83 with 70 attack, 65 str, and 66 defence and i am a member can somebody tell me hwat i shoukld train on to get 70 defence? ok and the second thing i need to no is how to make mony i usually cut yews but they keep lowering the prices so its getting hard can sombody plz tell me how to make mony plz? i only have 718k cash and 135k in items so like 852k total so plz reply rite away

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With the market change.


With that much money to start. GREEN DRAGONS.


Get Monkfish, there about 200ish each, A super strength pot and regular/super attack pot per lord, along with fish, teleport rules/stone, and the like that you would take (armor, D Scimmy/whip, VISAGE???? Just kidding, but The Shield...) etc...


Kill the greens, sell the Hides and Bones, and you make more than each fish made you, its about 30k ish per load, plus, you should get clue scrolls.


This is what my brother does/did for slayer, I quit long ago, but it worked very well.


Take this advice, if it makes sense.

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