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Hi A few requests


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ok i would like to hold a few requests

this will be updated every now and then

Ok first request

Can anyone get me a few holo sheets

My and my sis are trying to find some new ones but cant

Ill give 5 points per new holo sheet

I need the diagnle holo sheet and i need some that looke unique

remember 5 points per new holo sheet




Next request is I need 2 really good sig made

! for me and 1 for my sis

when she comes back to this site i want hers to be really goo

Her account is Gphaku

and as u can see mine is Dongaboy

For Gphaku: she wants radients of Blue and Green Swirls with cute monsters like marshmellon and blue eyes toon dragon

she wants hers to say

Girl Power Haku

For Me: I would like something cool

I would like one with all incarnations of exodia

Exodial Master Of Gaurd

Exodia The Forbidden One

And Exodia Necros

And I want mine To Say: EXODIA BEATS ALL

Ill give 20 points for the signiture

Ill PM you If I like the sigs

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The Diagonal Holo sheet was customly made by me, using the one Ashje originally posted


It is one of the only Holo sheets i choose to give out for free


I also from what i know, am one of the ppl on this site with the most Holo sheets.


It just takes alot of time and patience searching the net, to find them ^_^


If you would like the free Holo sheet write a messege back

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So many people have asked for holo sheets. If someone gives one to you like DJ offered you should give credit to them. I used to give out all my holo sheets until people stopped giving credit and THAT got annoying. I work for Darkthorne's shop now and i sell holo's there. So work hard and make them or look hard and find them because unless someone gives them to you you wont find any. By the way someone called nukyasu already made a thread like this but to no prevail.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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