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My first card.


What do you think of the card?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of the card?

    • Balanced card
    • Terrible topic creator and he probably spelled "balanced" incorrectly

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Trap monster. While a monster, his effect allows him to turn into a counter trap and negate anything that forms a chain link that doesn't have a cost. (Then he is sent to the graveyard after the chain is resolved like all counter trap cards.) Anyhow, I'm off to bed, I'll check later if further explanation is needed.

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not bad but not good LOL:lol:


It must be one or the other. The good/bad quality of a Yugimonz card is sort of binary; either the card is good enough for play in some format (past, present, or a logical one in the future) or the card is trash.


If you meant that the card is playable, but not "splashable" or "broken," then mission accomplished, I have created a realistic and healthy card for the game. Quite obviously from my personal point of view, that is exactly what the card is, as I would not have posted it otherwise. No one with common sense wants to create a card that is complete garbage or one that will be bad for the game and give lucky wins to unskilled players. Some questions now are, am I correct in my assessment of the card? What could be some uses for the card, competitive or otherwise (while bearing in mind that it must not be broken or overly splashable in the competitive metagame or else it ought to not exist)? etc.

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