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Angel of Greed!


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The wording isn't right and the picture is plain, not really relevant to the name either... I suppose the balance is alright, although I'd cut down on the attack by 100 points, maybe... overall, kinda dull card, nothing really to set it out, but it is a rather useful one.


-Artwork: 5.5/10

-Originality: 4/10

-Balance: 8/10

-Effect: 7/10

-OCG: 4/10


-Overall: 5.7/10


Could be a lot better if you had used a little imagination, instead of just copying the effect of a useful Spell card in a monster.

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umm theres some errors like...

-why is there a guy with a sword if this is meant to be an angel?

-why is an angel a fairy type? this pic could be any type BUT fairy by the look of it!

-really short effect which has bad ocg by the way. it should read:

When this card is Normal Summoned or Set, draw 2 cards from the top of your Deck.


or if you want it to be applicable even by special summon just add in special summon.

and get rid of the sig aswell


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