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Noob Busters!


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Noob Busters!


Ok this is a group i just thought up,

Its basically normal members (Non Moderate) thinking of ideas to keep this site cleaner and dealing with noobs, without breaching the job of the mods.



1. No swearing.

2. No Naming Names, Unless neccersary.

3. Try and keep it clean and not too serious.

4. Dont Mini-Mod.

5. Have fun discussing ideas! :)


Member list

1. Sum1wierd

2. Kizzi

3. MyChemicalRahim

4. Slash

5. Tallman95

6. Nwslap12



Mods can join, just dont make fun cos ur ideas will most probs get put through before ours.


Please tell me if any name changes occur. So i can edit as i will with new members.


Oh and more than 2 stars, so you have a basic idea of the YCM community :D[/align]

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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