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~ Arcane Shadow ~ [I might as well have some eye-catching title too...] (TRUMP CARD ADDED)


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[align=center]Hello all, and welcome to my newest idea! I know it's kinda weird how I make new sets every day, but that's just how I am! This is the first idea that I've actually spent more than five minutes beforehand on, thinking things through. I actually have a solid theme for this set.


You see, this set will contain 11 monsters, some spells, and some traps. Clearly I haven't thought out the number of spells and traps yet... Probably around 5 each though; thus creating a 21 card set ending on 20. How great!


The theme of this set is somewhat like Parasite Paracide. These cards focus on turning your deck upside down [literally!] and then thrashing your opponent with some sick effects! But I shouldn't brag about these effects; it's up to you to decide how cool [or not] you think this set is!


So without further ado, allow me to introduce you to my latest set: Arcane Shadow, featuring the Arcane Sycophs! The Arcane comes from Darkthorne; just a cool little name he thought of, and Sycoph comes from the word "sycophant", which is synonymous with "parasite", and since these cards are kind of like Parasite Paracide, what better way to name them?


Here zey are :]

















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haha thanks


Dj: That's also what I was thinking, but then I was like, mehhhh...


It's cool to have your deck face-up xP


And Yankee: Really? Interesting...


If anyone could point it out, I'd be grateful...


You're prolly right though; I didn't care to proofread most of the effect so it's definitely possible


And oh, this is not it...


The one to be graded is coming up momentarily.


Muhuhuhuhhahahahahhahahah xD

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Thanks for the rates :]


Just updated the trump card.


This is the card I will be entering for the competition.


Welker shoulda won MVP =/ says:


Matt Enloe (Darkthorne) says:


Welker shoulda won MVP =/ says:

If people are unable to see the sickness of this card' date=' I shall cry.



All I have to say is... Don't make me cry...


Or my [second-time] arrogance shall be in vain... xD

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If this helps, there is an actual card called Convulsion of Nature that has a similar effect and reads: "As long as this card remains face-up on the field, both players must turn their respective Decks upside down and continue the current Duel."

So maybe it could say something like, "As long as this card remains face-up on the field, both players must turn their respective Decks upside down. Whenever a player draws a face-down card... etc." Just a thought.

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The Weasel: Ahhh Convulsion of Nature, I knew that was the name!


Thanks, but there's one problem.


This set is gonna have a lot of turn-table cards, so the problem there would be that if you only have one face-up card in your deck, then you activate the field spell, and then Convulsion of Nature, it equals major ownage...


Which remidns me...


I forgot a part of the effect xD


The "As long as this card remains on the field, neither player's Deck can be flipped"...


Is that worded right?

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