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Cyberdragon ownage

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okay cards required for this tactic.


2 Proto-Cyberdragons

1 Instant Fusion

1 de-fusion

Cyber Twin Dragon

Double Summon

Power Bond

Okay, first turn, (after your opponent has taken a turn already) Double Summon, get your two Protos out there, power bond, fuse the two protos to get Cybertwin dragon with 5600 attack, attacking twice as well (lets say your opponent has no traps or magics down and has 1 defence monster), defusion to attack 2 more times with the two protos, then instant fusion to finish him off.

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1: Instant Fusion isn't a quickplay. Please read the card:


2: Instead of 2 Cyber Protos, how about 2... ACTUAL Cyber Dragons? Would work much faster.

3: Limiter Removal would work much better, and the whole "let's assume" thing is also a major detriment to the strategy. Just knock out half the useless cards and replace it with Heavy Storm for a better 4 Card Otk.

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Well thats what de-fusion is for xD


... what? are you even reading the same topic I am?


Edit: Also, the combo could be made much much quicker with much better cards.


2 Cyber Dragons

1 Power Bond

1 Limiter Removal

Cyber Twin Dragon


Also assuming the same situation you gave. 1 Defense mode monster (Not Gellenduo, Marshmallon, Spirit Reaper,Obnoxious Celtic Gaurdian, Man-Eater Bug, OVM, etc.)

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